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Alexandria Egypt

Information about Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria Egypt is the second largest city in Egypt, located in the north central part of the country. In fact, it extends about 32 km along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, Alexandria Egypt is also the largest city lying on the Mediterranean coast. Furthermore, Alexandria is Egypt's largest seaport. It serves about 80% of Egypt's imports and exports. Alexandria Egypt is also an important tourist resort as it is the home to the Alexandria Library. Moreover, the city also is an important industrial center because of its natural gas and oil pipelines from Suez.

In fact, Alexandria Egypt founded around a small Pharaonic town in 331 BC by Alexander the Great. It remained Egypt's capital for about a thousand years. In fact, it was until the Muslim conquest of Egypt in AD 641. A new capital founded at Fustat which later absorbed into Cairo. Ancient city best known for its Lighthouse (Pharos). Furthermore, it was indeed one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Moreover, it also best known for its library and Catacombs of Koum El Shokkafa. The ancient library was the largest library in the ancient world. Catacombs is one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages.

Further details about Alexandria Egypt:

Ongoing maritime archaeology in the harbor of Alexandria began in 1994 and reveals details of the city. In fact, it was before the arrival of Alexander and during the Ptolemaic dynasty. Alexandria Egypt called "Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea". The captivating Alexandria will indeed fascinate you with its mix of history and modernity. Alexandria Egypt still retains its Mediterranean ambiance and old European houses. Moreover, it combined with old cafes and Greco Roman monuments. Alexandria Egypt is indeed a great sightseeing destination. It has Catacombs and the underwater ruins. The city has vibrant arts scene Al Mursi Abu Al Abbas mosque and also the Coptic Cathedral of St. Mark.

The beauty and cosmopolitanism of Alexandria Egypt inspired great authors. They are like British novelist E.M. Forster and the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy. Cavafy lived in Alexandria Egypt in the early and late 19th century. Lawrence Durrell lived and wrote about the city during World War II. Moreover, Alexandria Egypt coastline extends 70 km. It is from the north-western side of the Nile delta to Mariout Lake in the east. The coast dotted with beautiful bays and harbors. They are such as Abu-Qir and the Alexandria Harbour. The harbor overlooked by the majestic Qaitbay Fortress. The Corniche in Alexandria Egypt is a treat during both summer and winter. It starts from Ras El Tin and stretches all the way to Montazah.

More details about Alexandria Egypt:

You can enjoy spectacular view of the White Mediterranean. The Cornice developed in 1930 and further developments made to it in the early 1990. Moreover, the beaches stretch along the coast from Maamoura in the east and all the way to the Agamy beach west of Alexandria Egypt. Do not forget to explore the nearby destinations of Borg El-Arab and St. Mina monastery. Both are about 50 km away from the city. The temperate Mediterranean climate in Alexandria insures cooler summers and warmer winters. It is than in other parts of Egypt. Alexandria Egypt area is about 40.4 km² and the population is about 5.4 million.

Alexandria Egypt is one of the most important centers of culture and literature in the Mediterranean and in Egypt. The city houses the majestic Alexandria Library and Graeco-Roman Museum. Moreover, it also houses the Royal Jewelry Museum and the Fine Arts Museum. The city bustles with life and is a beautiful vacation spot. Here are some tips you can make use of while in Alexandria:

Don't miss:

Sea food meal: Take one at one of the city’s many sea food restaurants. A number of them have spectacular views overlooking the White Med coast. Pick fish that are blemish-free with the outside skin being neither slippery nor soggy, look for clear shiny eyes, red gills and a firm body.

Mosques: The city is home to beautiful mosques such as Imam Busiri mosque, Al Mursi Abu Al Abbas mosque and Nabi Daniel Mosque. They indeed worth to visit.

Churches: The city houses the beautiful Cathedral of St Mark and the Greek Church. Moreover, it also house the Greco-Orthodox Patriarchate, St. Catherine’s Church and Sacred Heart Church.

Further details:

Diving: Go diving for the ruins. It is a unique unforgettable experience if you seek a new diving rush.

Gardens: Thanks to its pleasant climate, Alexandria Egypt hosts some of the North Coast’s most beautiful and lush gardens. The Montaza Palace Gardens and the Antoniadis Gardens not to be missed. Antoniadis Gardens located in the Semouha area, next to the Zoological Gardens of Alexandria. In fact, they once owned by a Greek, Sir John Antoniadis, before turned over to the Egyptian authorities in 1918.

From Alex, you can head to King Mariout (35 Km) - a renowned therapeutic destination for rheumatism patients, Abu Mena (50 km) for a visit to St. Mina Monastery, Burullus lake for ecotourism ,Qattara Depression for a dessert expedition, Borg el-Arab (52 Km) for the upscale touristic resorts entertainment and to the pristine beaches of Sidi Abdel Rahman (127 Km).


  • Remember to apply lots of sun screen before jumping into the crystal Alexandrian waters. In fact, the sun is usually a lot stronger that it looks!
  • Recommended Readings: Before heading to Alexandria, find your inspiration in "The Alexandria Quartet", a tetra-logy of novels written by Lawrence Durrell. Go further in time to the early 20th century when Constantine Cavafy wrote many of his hellenistic era-inspired poems. Moreover, you can take along a very special guidebook, dating back to 1922, "Alexandria: A History and Guide" written by E.M. Forster.

By Air:

In fact, Alexandria's main airport is El Nouzha Airport (IATA: ALY). The airport has a limited selection of domestic flights and fairly extensive services to cities around the Middle East. The only connection to Europe, though, is from Athens. Moreover, the airport lies 8 km to the south-east of the city. A taxi will take you about 20 minutes and costs no more than 30 LE. The city's second airport is Borg el Arab Airport (IATA: HBE). The airport is served by Emirates from Dubai and Turkish Airlines from Istanbul. Furthermore, it located some 45 km to the south-west of the city, which means a one-hour journey by taxi (75 LE or less).

There is only 1 daily bus at 2.30 pm leaving from the city to the Borg el Arab Airport airport. The bus stop is near Raml Station, outside the Cecil Hotel. The ticket is 15 LE per person plus 5 LE per bag. It takes approximately 1 hour. Super-Jet and Western Delta operate direct buses from the airport to the New bus terminal on the outskirts of the city every 30-60 minutes. It is between 4 AM and 7:30 PM.v

By Train:

From Cairo, frequent trains from Ramses Station are probably the best way to get to Alexandria Egypt. In fact, trains run at least once every hour from 6 AM to 10 PM. Try to choose either an express or the pride of Egyptian Railways, the French-built Turbo, which takes only 2 hours 10 minutes for the journey. 1st/2nd class tickets LE 100/75 one-way. Reservation is obligatory in express trains.

For the return journey, trains depart from Misr Station, a 10-minute stroll south of the Corniche along Nabi Daniel St, as well as the Sidi Gaber Station. There are two daily trains from Marsa Matrouh to Alexandria, providing 2nd and 3rd class only.

By Bus:

Bus companies such as Superjet, East & West Delta and Upper Egypt – only to name a few – usually provide air-conditioned buses, with some refreshments, toilets and an in-ride movie. Buses connecting Alexandria to a number of cities depart from Sidi Gaber.For more details, contact: East delta: +202 – 2814 – 2574 and +202 – 2293-2576 West delta: +202 – 5582-2576 and +202 – 1318-2414 Superjet: +202 – 8181-2579 and +202 – 5032-2572.

By Taxi:

In fact, there are two options when traveling from Cairo to Alexandria Egypt by car. Using either route, the journey usually takes around 3 hours, depending on speed and surrounding traffic.

- The Agriculture road has a speed limit of 90 km/hr for private cars and has 4 lanes in each direction. This is the main road, so it can get a little crowded.

- The Desert road has a speed limit of 120 km/hr for private cars and has 4 lanes in each direction. True to the name, this crosses the desert and is less crowded and faster. Moreover, there are cafeterias every few kilometers.

By Taxi:

Taxi in Alexandria is yellow and black. In fact, taxis are a good way to travel in the city and a cheap one as well. Be careful though: taxis will uniformly refuse to use meters and drivers love to take advantage of non-residents. It is better to agree on the fare before you get in. No taxi ride between any two points in the city costs more than 25 LE. If you are on a day trip to Alexandria, hire a taxi outside the railway station for the day. You will pay 10-15 Egyptian pound per place . E.g., if you plan to see 5 places in 3-4 hours, pay around LE 50-60 to the driver or LE 80-100 if you plan to see 8-10 places in 5-6 hours.v

To get into a taxi, wave at the driver and yell the name of your destination. If the driver agrees, he will park at the side of the road as soon as possible. Some taxis will stop to pick you up even if they already have a passenger. It is better to refuse such offers. Furthermore, always check back once you get out of the taxi. There is no number to call if you lost anything of value. Fast Call taxis can be booked by phone at 19559 or 0800-999-9999 (toll free). These are pricier but generally much better than ordinary black and and bright yellow cabs.

By Local Bus:

There are a variety of local bus services which improved significantly in the past few years. They are rather confusing for those who didn't live in Alexandria for a while. Apart from city buses, you will also find "mini-buses", which work on hop-and-go basis. They are easily recognizable 14-person buses, which will stop when you wave. They also stop where you need to get off. The drivers rarely speak English. Make sure you know the Arabic name of your destination or that you already know where to stop. The routes are usually along the main streets and cost between 2-3 Egyptian pound.

By Tram:

In fact, blue tram in the city has a creaky, slow but very cheap tram. Moreover, the system dates back to 1860. The route map is remarkably confusing and changes on a regular basis. Only one factor stays constant which is the network. It is split into the interurban Ramleh Lines. They use blue-and-cream trams. They run across the city a few blocks back from the sea towards the eastern suburbs. The second are the City Lines which use bright yellow trams. They run west and south of central Alex. The two meet at Raml Station, right at the heart of Alex.

For both lines, the flat fare is a whopping 1 Egyptian pound. Tickets can bought on board. Note that the first car (out of three) in the blue trams reserved for women only. Probably the most useful service for tourists is yellow tram #25. It runs from Raml Station to Ras el-Tin and Fort Qait Bey. You can also hop on any blue tram west from Sidr Gabr bus/railway station to get to Raml. But not all eastbound trams stop there.

Alexandria Egypt Attractions

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