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Alexandria Deserts Oases featured by Qattara Depression. The lowest point in Egypt, under sea level that is; the Qattara Depression is in the Northern part of the beautiful Western Desert. In fact, its depths reach to 134 m below sea level. It is the largest of seven such depressions in Egypt. Unlike other depressions, the Oasis of Qattara, the Moghra Oasis, uninhabited. Bedouin tribes and their livestock move through the area, utilizing the waters and grass of Moghra for grazing.

As you travel through the Qattara Depression you will indeed see beautiful rock formations. The rock formations differ in size and shape, as well as saline marshes. In fact, Alexandria desert oases include the black dunes (al-ghorood as-soud) in the South West of Qattara. These dunes are black due to the high shale content.

Qattara is the last known location where cheetahs found in Egypt. Although there are not enough individuals to sustain a population, the Dorcas Gazelle also found here. Many tour operators operating in the Western Desert and from Cairo will have expeditions into the area. Try to stay a night or so as the area is intensely serene in the evening.