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Saint Mark Coptic Cathedral Alexandria located in Alexandria city, Egypt. In fact, It is the historical seat of the Pope of Alexandria. The Pope of Alexandria is the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Moreover, Saint Mark Cathedral stands on the site of the church founded by St. Mark the Evangelist in AC 60. St. Mark the Evangelist is author of the second Gospel. He connected with the city of Alexandria since earliest Christian tradition. Coptic Christians believe he arrived in Alexandria around AD 60 and stayed for about seven years. In fact, during this time, Mark converted many to Christianity and performed many miracles. He is indeed the founder of the church in Alexandria and the first Bishop of Alexandria.

According to tradition, St. Mark was arrested during a festival of Serapis in AC 68. And then, he martyred by dragging through the streets. Moreover, he was buried under the church he had founded. In 828, the body of St. Mark was stolen from the Alexandrian church by Venetians. It was to enshrine in the grand new St. Mark Basilica in Venice. Moreover, the head of the saint remained in Alexandria. Every newly appointed Patriarch of Alexandria begins his service with holding the holy head of St. Mark in his lap. He also changed its cloth shroud.

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The head of St. Mark moved around a great deal over the centuries. Furthermore, it lost for over 250 years. Some of the relics from the body of St. Mark, however, returned to Alexandria from Rome. It was in 1968 during the papacy of Pope Cyril VI. In fact, the present Saint Mark Coptic Cathedral Alexandria is of recent date. In fact, it said to stand on the site of church founded by St. Mark himself. Take notice of the beautiful icons and mosaics that fill the silence of the Cathedral. Make sure to dress conservatively and respect the sanctity of the location.

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