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Other Ancient Alexandria featured by Anfushi Tombs. They are limestone tombs, date back to 250 BC and painted to simulate alabaster and marble. Anfushi tombs decorated with pictures of Egyptian gods and daily life, along with graffiti. Moreover, Anfushi tombs Alexandria located on a spit of land that was once an island known as Pharos Island. Anfushi tombs Alexandria lie to the south of the esplanade leading to the palace of “Ras el Tin”. All date back to the first half of the 3rd century. The tombs discovered in 1901 and 1921. The first and most remarkable of the tombs, reached by way of a vaulted stairway. It hewn out of the rock, leading down into a square courtyard. The courtyard is open to the sky and provides access to two tombs.

The walls of the stairway and tombs have a painted stucco revetment imitating alabaster and marble. The vaulted ceiling of the funeral chamber decorated with geometric “trompe l’oeil” designs. Moreover, the funeral motifs are an example of the combined influence of Greek art and the traditional forms of Egyptian arts. Other Ancient Alexandria also featured by Pompey’s Pillar. In fact, the pillar is a Roman triumphal column in Alexandria, Egypt. Moreover, it is the largest of its type constructed outside of the imperial capitals of Rome and Constantinople.

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The column is 26.85 m high including its base and capital. Other authors give slightly deviating dimensions. Erroneously dated to the time of Pompey, the Corinthian column actually built in 297 AD. It commemorates the victory of Roman emperor Diocletian over an Alexandrian revolt. Other Ancient Alexandria also featured by Roman Amphitheater. It is indeed one of the most popular monuments located in the city of Alexandria. While the Amphitheaters were quite spread during the reign of the Romans in different countries. The countries are like Greece, Italy, and Turkey over a large empire. It is with many examples of these structures still present in many regions around Europe and the Middle East. In fact, the Roman Amphitheater Alexandria is the only one of its type in Egypt.

The word “Kom El Dekka” in Arabic, means the hill of rubble or the hill of the benches. It named that way when a famous historian, El Neweiry, passed by this area in the beginning of the 20th century. El Neweiry saw the many piles of rubble and sand that formed due to the digging of the Mahmoudeyya Canal. It was at the end of the 19th century. The canal linked Alexandria to the Nile River. These piles looked exactly like some huge benches. El Neweiry was the one who gave the area its recent famous name.

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Other Ancient Alexandria also featured by Villa of the Birds. The villa discovered by the members of the Egyptian-Polish mission. It was during their forty years of work at Kom El Dekka, Alexandria, Egypt. In 1998, a group of competent archaeologists and conservators began the work. The work was to preserve and present the mosaics of Villa of the Birds to the public. The successful completion of the project resulted from the partnership between many organizations. The organizations included Supreme Council of Archaeology (SCA) and the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE). Moreover, they also included United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This project is one of numerous restoration activities in Egypt under the Egyptian Antiquities Project, which began in 1993.

Villa of the Birds is Roman house, named after the exceptional pavement depicting nine recognizable birds: pigeons, peacock, parrot, quail and water hen. A mosaic surface of 110 ms created by ancient artisans using different techniques to adorn floors are actually preserved as fire had damaged the mosaics in the late third century AD. Intense heat caused the bulge of the mosaics and soot blackened their surface. The roof and wall of Villa of the Birds collapsed causing the slump and break of the mosaics.

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