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Anfushi tombs Alexandria are limestone tombs. They date back to 250 BC and painted to simulate alabaster and marble. Anfushi tombs Alexandria decorated with pictures of Egyptian gods and daily life. They are along with graffiti. In fact, the tombs located on a spit of land that was once an island known as Pharos Island. Moreover, In fact, the tombs lie to the south of the esplanade leading to the palace of “Ras el Tin”. All are dating back to the first half of the 3rd century. In fact, the tombs Alexandria discovered in 1901 and 1921.

The first and most remarkable of the tombs reached by way of a vaulted stairway. It hewn out of the rock, leading down into a square courtyard. The courtyard open to the sky and provides access to two tombs. The walls of the stairway and tombs have a painted stucco revetment. they imitating alabaster and marble. The vaulted ceiling of the funeral chamber decorated with geometric “trompe l’oeil” designs. They are reminiscent of the covered ceiling in certain ancient villas. The funeral motifs are an example of the combined influence of Greek art. They also are the traditional forms of Egyptian arts.

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Anfushi tombs Alexandria feature both Greek and Roman influence. For instance, once inside the tombs, you’ll see Greek art. You’ll also see plenty of Roman influence. They include things like statues of the Sphinx and etc. The tombs are five individual tombs, although they in fact interconnected. The first tomb discovered in 1901. The remaining four discovered during the years that followed. The fifth tomb only discovered in 1921. All five of these tombs are below ground level. They are subterranean tombs that carved out of the existing limestone rock.

Today, Anfushi tombs Alexandria are accessible from the esplanade in front of the Ras El Tin Palace. Each of the tombs has a similar sort of design. They all have indeed impressive vaulted ceilings, beautiful murals and fascinating frescos. One of the five tombs also has a central courtyard. It has a hole carved out of the ceiling which offers a view of the skies above. The tombs in fact carved out of the native limestone. That is why all painted in a manner. It makes them look as though they have built from marble and alabaster. Marble and alabaster were popular among the Greeks and the Romans.

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Anfushi tombs Alexandria located in notorious area of the city. It is because of its shortage of parking spaces. You might want to consider parking your vehicle a short distance from the tombs. An then covering the last bit of distance on foot. If you park near the Qaitbay district, you’ll find there is a nice aquarium nearby. It is actually also worth a visit. Walking to the tombs from the Qaitbay district is also nice. It is because you’ll have a fantastic view of the Eastern Harbor. During its ancient history, Alexandria has ruled by many different cultures. They include the Greeks and the Roman. It is something you can’t fail to notice when you stroll through the streets. For example, you’ll see buildings and monuments bearing testimony to Greek, Roman, European rules. And even some Mediterranean influence.

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