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Alexandria Library also called Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In fact, it is much more than a library. The Library located in Alexandria city, Egypt. Alexandria Library features BA Library. In fact, the BA library is a learning space that offers information in all its formats. It is through its collections of books, periodicals, maps and manuscripts. Moreover, it is also through the multimedia and electronic resources. Alexandria Library composed of the Main Library. The main library indeed is the largest reading room of the world. It also composed of many specialized libraries. They are Children’s Library, the Young People’s Library and the Taha Hussein Library. The last one is for the Blind and Visually Impaired serve the specific needs of their users.

The special collections of the library include the Arts & Multimedia Library. They also include the Manuscript Reading Room. Moreover, the collection include the Microfilm Reading Room. They also include the Rare Books & Special Collections Reading Room. Furthermore, they also include the Nobel Section and Shadi Abdel Salam Collection.

Taha Hussein Library:

The Taha Hussein Library (TH) offers a new approach in library services. The services are for the blind and visually impaired. Equipped with special software, the Library applies the latest technology. In fact, the technology makes it possible for its users to read books and journals. It also lets them access all the resources of the library as well as selected web resources. In this way they enabled to gain more independence. One of the main goals of the TH library is to offer equal access to all users. It is regardless to their disability. The TH located at the Entrance Level to facilitate physical access for its visitors.

Children’s Library:

The Children’s Library (CH) provides educational, recreational and cultural resources for children. They children who aged 6 to 11. In fact, it contains a large collection of picture books, story books. It also contains nonfictional books and multimedia materials. The material is available in several languages. It also covers a wide range of subjects from arts to zoology. In addition to the reading area, the CH encompasses a computer lab. It also features an activities room, a storytelling and puppet-show corner. Moreover, it also features a multimedia corner.

A special section dedicated to children with different types of disabilities. In fact, several activities offered by the CH staff on a daily basis. They are such as storytelling, puppet show performances and arts and crafts groups. Children’s authors often invited to read to the children. The main goal of the CH is to develop the children’s reading and research. It also develops creativity skills through the different programs and activities.

Young People’s Library:

The Young People’s Library (YP) opens up a vast world of knowledge and entertainment. It also provides the culture for young people aged 12 to 16. The YP introduces its visitors to modern information technology. It also develops their reading and research skills and encourages social interaction. The collection of books in the YP area covers the same topics as in the Main Library. But it tailored to suit young people’s requirements. The YP Library offers access to different periodicals, multimedia and e-resources. It is besides to huge databases covering a variety of subjects.

Arts and Multimedia in Alexandria Library:

The Arts and Multimedia Library holds a rich print. In fact, it also holds an audiovisual collection of the Arts. The print collection includes books, musical scores and periodicals. The collection also includes the audio-visual collection. The last one covers a broad spectrum of motion pictures and documentary films. It also covers educational programs and self-teaching methods in languages and computers. The Audiovisual materials used in individual or group study rooms within the Library.

Library Map in Alexandria Library:

The Map Library houses a collection of more than 7000 maps. In fact, the maps cover all parts of the world with special focus on Alexandria, Egypt. It also focuses on the Arab world and the Mediterranean region. The collection contains maps of various types. In fact, it includes topographic, thematic, geologic maps and world maps. It also includes street maps, estate maps, contour maps and transportation. Moreover, it also includes communication maps, facsimile maps, atlases and nautical charts. Furthermore, it also includes aeronautical charts, satellite and aerial images, and globes. The Map Library located in B4 at the Main Library.

The Rare Books and Special Collections:

Rare collections cover all remarkable, unique items within the BA’s holdings. In fact, the collections include original manuscripts, early printed books and maps. They also include antique coins, celebrities’ personal effects and exceptional donations. The section houses many of units and specialized work groups. It also includes two reading rooms dedicated to researchers and postgraduate students. The first (B1) houses thousands of original manuscripts. It also house printed references on heritage. The second room (B2) allocated for rare books and special collections.

Micro-forms in Alexandria Library:

In fact, Micro-form is a felicitous medium for the preservation of rare manuscripts. It also for the printed materials and documents against potential loss or damage. In fact, the damage which based on the excessive circulation and age. The BA obtained microfilms of rare manuscripts and documents. The Micro-form Section also comprises comprehensive and exclusive collections. In fact, the collections are of national and Arabic newspapers. They serve as a historical register of important events, as well as rare documents. All micro-form collections are now available for consultation in the Micro-form Reading Room.

Nobel Section:

Located on the third floor (F3) of the Library. In fact, the Nobel Section comprises book collections of Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature. It is from 1901 to present. The Nobel Section comprises the Nobel Room and the Gad Rausing Auditorium. It also features the Söderberg Lounge. The furniture of the Nobel Section designed by famous Swedish designers. The Nobel Room accommodates a large meeting table. In fact, the table made of alder root and cherry wood. It is the table in the Assembly Hall of the Nobel Forum in Stockholm.

Francophone in Alexandria Library:

Located at the First Basement (B1). The library based on the exceptional gift from the French National Library (BnF) to the BA. The gift is a collection of 500,000 French books. In fact, the books published between 1996 and 2006 in different fields. As a result, the BA became the fourth largest francophone library in the world. It also features the biggest collection of French books outside France.

At the center of the BACC, the Hexagon is the hub of the Francophone Library. In fact, it is the meeting point of all francophone. It is a café, a cultural forum and a platform for holding ceremonies. Moreover, it features round table discussions and workshops. In fact, the Francophone Library offers different services to the public in various fields. It provides help to researchers and users about French literature. Moreover, it offers conversation workshops in French. In fact, it attempts to document the francophone world. It also introduces the geography, history, civilization, and tourist attractions of France to users.

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