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Alexandria Fine Arts Museum is one of the most important cultural and artistic marks prominent in Egypt. In fact, Alexandria Fine Arts Museum construction started in 1954. The Museum built on land donated by the municipality of Alexandria Baron “De Menasha”. De Menash was one trader from wealthy foreigners who lived in Alexandria city. In fact, the Museum is inside the Fine Arts library building. It includes many of the galleries of art and a cultural library. Alexandria Fine Arts Library dates back to 1892. It was attached to Graeco Roman Museum.

In 1940 demolished the villa after the library came under bomb during World War II. Moreover, in 1948 it rebuilt and amended the design to be a library. In 1998 it transferred  to the Fine Arts Ministry of culture sector. The library cultural center has allocated for the establishment of concerts and cultural seminars. It also allocated for the establishment of Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean countries. Since 1955 , the museum contains some 1381 works of art in the field of photography. It has also graphics, drawing and sculpture for senior artists. The permanent collection of the museum includes sculpture, architecture and photography by contemporary Egyptian. It has also foreign artists.

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You will also find drawings of rural life and surrealist paintings. In total, the museum houses approximately 1,500 pieces. Alexandria Fine Arts Museum once known as the Hussein Sobhy Museum. It named after the city’s governor who played an important role in Alexandria’s art movement. In fact, the Museum is near to Pompey’s Pillar. Pompey’s Pillar is a Roman triumphal column in Alexandria, Egypt. it is the largest of its type. It constructed outside of the imperial capitals of Rome and Constantinople.

Pompey’s Pillar is the only which known free-standing column in Roman Egypt. It not composed of drums. It is one of the largest ancient monoliths and one of the largest monolithic columns which ever erected. Alexandria Fine Arts Museum is also near to Catacombs. Catacombs Koum El Shokkafa means “Mound of Shards”. In fact, Catacombs Koum El Shokkafa are a historical archaeological site. The site located in Alexandria, Egypt. Catacombs Koum El Shokkafa is indeed one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. The necropolis of Catacombs Koum El Shokkafa consists of a series of Alexandrian tombs. It also consists of statues and archaeological objects of the Pharaonic funeral cult. It is with Hellenistic and early Imperial Roman influences.

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The features of the Catacombs merge Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultural points. It was due the time. Alexandria Fine Arts Museum is also near to Planetarium Science Center. The center is a dome-like 3 Dimensions projection room. It is where one can feel as if flying through space. Visitors offered a daily fascinating and detailed live-like presentation. The presentation is of the universe’s evolution in time. It all gets even better when the show’s hosted by one of the center’s resident astronomers.

Alexandria Fine Arts Museum also near to Souk El Attarine. The Souk is more of a labyrinth of narrow alleys. It is pedestrian streets. Souk El Attarine is bursting with all types of shops. They dotting both sides of the streets. The merchants selling all types of souvenirs and traditional Egyptian artifacts. The traditional Egyptian artifacts are such as sheeshas and colorful blown glass products. They also include Gallabeyyas, belly-dancing costumes, spices and antiques.

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