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Souk El Attarine Alexandria is more of a labyrinth of narrow alleys. It is pedestrian streets. In fact, the souk bursts with all types of shops. They dotting both sides of the streets. Moreover, the merchants sell all types of souvenirs and traditional Egyptian artifacts. The traditional Egyptian artifacts are such as sheeshas and colorful blown glass products. Moreover, they also include Gallabeyyas, belly-dancing costumes, spices and antiques. Collectors will have a great load of fun diving. It is through the accumulated piles of historical relics in each shop. It forbidden to export any Ancient Egyptian antiquities from Egypt without a permit.

In fact, Souk El Attarine Alexandria located Attarine district on Attarine street. Moreover, it is a few meters to the east of the Roman Amphitheater in Alexandria. “Souk” is the term for a traditional outdoor marketplace. It sometimes referred to as a bazaar. Many different places in North Africa and the Middle East contain these markets. Countries such as Dubai, Morocco, Syria and of course Egypt. These popular markets come in many different shapes and sizes. Egyptian Souks sell pretty much anything you can imagine. Perhaps even some things you can’t! Fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, fabrics, clothing and even gadgets can found in Souks.

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For those who go to Egypt holidays, it’s hard to choose what to buy. It is specially when you get to the souk. Let alone choosing which ones to visit!. In fact, it is on of the top 5 Souks in Egypt. Let your stay in Egypt have an opportunity to visit one of Souks such this souk in Alexandria, Egypt. Have a break from the sightseeing and do some bargain hunting.

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