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Coptic Alexandria includes St. Mark Coptic Cathedral Alexandria. It is in Alexandria city, Egypt. It is the historical seat of the Pope of Alexandria. The head of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral Alexandria is stand on the site of the church founded by St. Mark the Evangelist in AD 60. St. Mark the Evangelist is author of the second Gospel. He connected with the city of Alexandria since earliest Christian tradition. Coptic Christians believe he arrived in Alexandria around AD 60 and stayed for about seven years. During this time, Mark converted many to Christianity and performed many miracles.

Coptic Alexandria also featured by Sacred Heart Church. It is a Catholic church. Moreover, it primarily visited by the Latin Catholics of Alexandria. St. Francis served as the patron saint. He was an Italian monk born in 1181. In fact, he also lent his name to many Franciscan schools which found around the world. Sacred Heart Church Alexandria is worthy to visit for its breathtaking religious art. You will see icons, murals, figurines and most exquisite stained glass artwork. When you enter the Sacred Heart Church, you will find images from the life of the Christ. In fact, it portrayed on one side of the church’s walls.

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Coptic Alexandria also includes St. Mina Monastery. It located approximately 50 km southwest of Alexandria city, Egypt. Saint Mina Monastery Alexandria nestled in the small village town of Abu Mina. That is why, sometimes the monastery called Abu Mina Monastery. Saint Mina fallen as a martyr in the early 4th century. In fact, it was when the Roman Empire was persecuting Christians. A modern monastery built on the location of an ancient church. In fact, it is where the Saint’s remains buried.

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