Marsa Alam Egypt

Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Alam Egypt

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Marsa Alam located on the Red Sea, Egypt, 274 kilometer south of Hurghada. In fact, Marsa Alam became a great Red Sea destination for diving fans. It is since the opening of Marsa Alam international airport in 2001. Moreover, Marsa Alam nestled between sea and desert offering all kinds of accommodations. The accommodations include upscale comfort establishments with complete Western amenities. They also include Bedouin inspired Eco lodges. The accessible dive sites from the twon are among the most attractive in the Red Sea. for experienced divers. In fact, it comprises healthy coral reefs and the wide range of underwater wildlife.

The Dugong and dolphins are the principal draw factors of Marsa Alam. The town also has in-shore coral reefs for less experienced divers. In fact, they indeed are the ideal location for hours of marine wildlife watching. The new Port Ghalib Marina at Marsa Alam added to the location an exclusive standing. In fact, it houses luxurious hotels, resorts and berthing space for about 1000 yachts. The marina offers some of the best relaxation and entertainment options on the Red Sea coast. The options include gourmet restaurants and tantalizing Spas. Moreover, Additionally the resort houses the International Convention Center. In fact, it is the only multipurpose state-of-the-art center of its size on the Red Sea.

Further details about Marsa Alam, Egypt:

Marsa Alam is also a world renowned Kite & Windsurfing destination. In fact, it is an ideal starting point for safaris and wilderness exploration. In ancient times, the surrounding mountains mined for gold and emeralds. Today you can visit some of these ancient mines. The town features indeed a pleasant climate which makes it a great vacation spot. In fact, the winter temperatures reach 31°C and in summer they are between 20 and 35°C. Nearby the town are Gabal Elba National Park and Wadi El Gemal National Park. In fact, they are the home to a stunning variety of birds and desert animals. The city also known as a therapeutic destination.

Indeed you will enjoy the beach, the desert and the reefs. Moreover, you will also enjoy a combination of sightseeing and activities. If you hope encounter with hammerheads you will need to visit Marsa Alam in the summer months. Furthermore, you will also see the Bumphead Parrot fish as well. Summer air temperatures reach up to 42°C in August and the coolest month of the year is January. The night time temperatures drop in the winter months. In fact, by November, the sea becomes rough and trips limited to the immense reef chain. The reef chain located in front of Wadi Lahami which known as Fury Shoals. Moreover, the reef chain consists of an array of vast coral formations including Habailis.

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They are are groups of young coral which still grow. Furthermore, they are huge hard coral in massive formations. It is besides many types of branching corals and the unforgettable colorful soft corals. Marsa Alam is generally a windy place, which means waves can get quite large. So, it prevents boats from accessing the more exposed dive sites. If you are on a live aboard, remember to close your portholes at night. Otherwise you maybe wake up in the small hours soaked by sea water!. In fact, it was one reason which let the boats sink in the past. In fact, RIB journeys from Marsa Alam to the day sites take about 30 minutes on average. Elphinstone Reef is an hours RIB journey from Marsa Alam.

Moreover, it is about as far as it is possible to travel unless on board a live aboard. In fact, live aboard gives you access to some of the more remote dive sites. Furthermore, Marsa Alam became a popular choice among divers recently. In fact, it is thanks to the opening of the new airport. The town located 130 km further south of El Quseir and is four hours transfer from Hurghada. So, only the most hardened divers endure the long coach journeys. As a result, the reefs are far more pristine than in the northern Red Sea. You and the other divers will be few and far between unlike the dive sites of Sharm and Hurghada.

Further details about Marsa Alam, Egypt:

There are only a handful of live aboard which operate out of Marsa Alam. In fact, they offer about four dives a day. Furthermore, most of them moored near a jetty at Hamata. In fact, a two hour journey from the town requires a short zodiac journey to board them. Dive times from a live aboard can be an hour plus. In fact, it depends on air consumption and you will need to have an SMB with you. Other options limited to stay in the resorts and do day diving, with zodiac trips to Elphinstone Reef. Land accommodation is mainly the hotel chains. But in fact, there are more traditional alternative. You could try staying at Wadi Lahami where shelter is in the form of tents.

This small town on the Red Sea coast fast gains recognition as a lovely tourist location. In fact, it is thanks to its exceptional diving sites and underwater fauna. Swimming there will let to see dolphins, Dugongs and turtles. You will also see a variety of marine wildlife.Here are some tips you can make use of while on a holiday in Marsa Alam:

Don't miss:

Shopping: Head to the nearby Al-Quseir for your shopping. It’s where you can find the best deals. The town also has many bazaars and shops that sell hand made crafts.

Exceptional Winds: Stronger wind speeds can expected in Marsa Alam. In fact, it happens in the late summer and autumn.

Culture Vultures: There are many historical sites to explore near Marsa Alam. It comprises Umm Fawakhir region in Wadi Hammamat. In fact, it located on Edfu-Marsa Alam Road. The region is the home of pharaonic ruins including Seti I temple. Moreover, 150 km away from the town you can visit the tomb of Sheikh Hassan Al-Shazili. The tomb dates back to 1258 AC.


  • Nearby: You can head to other nearby Red Sea destinations such as Hurghada and Safaga. Moreover, you can also do to Luxor or even Luxor which located 3 hours away and Aswan (133 km away).
  • Food: The best restaurants in town inside the hotels and resorts. Those offer a wide selection of local and international dishes. In fact, Port Ghalib Marina offers upscale dining, gourmet restaurants, and international food chains.
  • Where to stay: The town offers a wide range of hotels and resorts suiting each budget. The town comprise 5 star hotels such as the Cataract as well as 1-star hotels such as “The Star of Marsa Alam”. Green landscaped areas cover 70% of the town’s total area. The shaped swimming pools added to the charm of this major Red Sea holiday destination. Moreover, hotels offer state-of-the-art facilities for business travelers. They also offer all the needed services which related to family travel.
  • While diving or snorkeling: avoid harming the beautiful underwater creatures and corals. Also keep in mind that you have to respect hunting and fishing prohibitions.

By Air:

In fact, Marsa Alam airport is Your gateway to the Red Sea. It is only 10 minutes from the Porto Ghalib Resort. This airport ranks high in efficiency, organization and facilitation. Moreover, the walking distances are small. Furthermore, the arrangement of booths makes check in and customs hassle free. In fact, the entire facility is air conditioned. The airport receives flights from many major international airlines. They are such as Egypt Air, Thomas Cook, Air Berlin, Air Italy and Jazeera Airways.

By Bus:

You can reach the town by bus from Cairo (736 km). The distance takes about 9 hours.

By Taxi:

In fact, the quickest and cheapest modes of transport are buses and minibuses. Swarms of minibuses operate along set routes. In fact, they can stop anywhere. Taxis are a more private option although prices vary from driver to driver. So, be sure to negotiate your rate before you set off.

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