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Hamada Shipwreck located south of Marsa Alam, Egypt. In fact, the site of Hamada Shipwreck accessed by boat from Marsa Alam. Moreover, the diving site included on many live aboard trails. In fact, it is especially for those who explore the southernmost diving sites of the Red Sea in Egypt. Hamada was a 65 meter-long cargo ship which sank in 1993 in the Red Sea Egypt. In fact, it was after a fire broke out on board. Divers explored the shipwreck for the first time in 1995. They discovered that the damage caused by the proclaimed fire was not as tragic as expected.

Most of the shipwreck lies today at 14 meters of depth at the “Abu-Gosoon reef“. The stern section is a little further away from the reef. Having sunk in shallow waters, the port side of the ship seen above water at low tide. Divers of all levels can explore this interesting wreck. In fact, Hamaada Shipwreck includes the pilothouse, the engineer room and cargo shipment. Moreover, the site houses schools of glass-fish, lion-fish and surgeon fish.

Hamada Shipwreck site facts:

  • Depth: 0-15 meters.
  • Visibility: 10-25 meters.

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