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Egypt tours Packages

Egypt tours. Nile cruise. Egypt tours packages. Nile cruise tours. Egypt Nile cruise. Egypt holidays. Dahabiya cruise. Nile cruise EgyptLake Nasser cruise. All mentioned are an amazing blend of all what you imagine and want to do in your life. In fact, Egypt tours packages include classical tours. Egypt classical tours indeed are well organized trips to the ancient Egyptian sites. In fact, Ancient Egypt grips the imagination, touches the soul and inspires the uninspired. You can’t escape over 7000 years of historical influence Ancient Egypt enjoys. Furthermore, the legacy of Ancient Egypt has names like Ramses, Nefertiti and Tutankhamen. It also has places like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. Classical Egypt tours packages also include visits to Giza plateau. It located just outside of the outskirts of Cairo on the esplanade.

Egypt tours packages also include sightseeing to Khufu’s Pyramid . In fact, it is the greatest pyramid of the complex, has an overwhelming sight. Being one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it is the only one still standing to this day!. Gazing at this colossal structure, there’s no way to escape the feeling of dwarfed. The two smaller – but still huge – pyramids in Giza are those of Khafre (Chephren) and Menkaure. Furthermore, a few steps to the east you will notice three small (20 m high) piles of rumble.

Moreover, we offer Egypt holidays all inclusive and Egypt trips to western deserts. Egypt tours indeed is our mission.

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Nile cruise Egypt

Nile cruise Egypt is a floating hotel. The floating hotel sails on the Nile river between Luxor and Aswan cities in Egypt. Furthermore, Egypt Nile cruise sails in three, four and seven nights. Try 4 days Nile cruise Aswan to Luxor. It is the most popular Egypt Nile cruise tour. If you are on Nile cruise board, you will pass by temples and sand dunes. Browse through our website for Nile cruise prices. It doesn’t get much more memorable than to be on an Nile cruise Egypt board. It will be a highlight of a holiday in Egypt. The Nile held a fascination for centuries. Even today conjures up images of whimsical days and romantic nights.

In fact, Nile cruise holidays became popular pastime for countless visitors since the 19th century. In fact, to enjoy your Egypt Holidays, you should book an Egypt Nile cruise holiday. In fact, there are many ways to sail on the Nile. Either you take a short hop for a few hours on an Nile cruise boat or a felucca. In fact, felucca is a small wooden sailing boat. It gives you the full experience of a romantic journey drifting down the Nile. Furthermore, it gives you a taste as well. It is especially a good way to sail if you have a limited amount of time. Another way is to take a journey for several days on board of a Nile cruises Egypt.

M/Y Alexander The Great Nile cruise
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Blue Shadow Nile cruise
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Jasmine Nile cruise
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Jaz Royale Nile cruise
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Iberotel Crown Empress Nile cruise
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M/S Domina Prestige Emilio Nile cruise
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Adonis Nile cruise
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Grand Glory Nile cruise
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Le Fayan Nile cruise
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Nile Romance Nile cruise
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Royal Ruby Nile cruise
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Suntimes Nile cruise
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M/S Beau Rivage II Nile cruise
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Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise
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Moondance Nile cruise
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Many Nile cruises in Egypt are luxurious 5 star. They are complete with wood-cladded walls, top notch linens and gourmet cuisine. Egypt Nile cruises became as much a part of the Egypt scene as the Pyramids. Nile cruise Egypt will let you board the ship at Aswan, setting sail and seeing great sights. Moreover, you can take a Nasser’s Lake cruise to Abu Simbel Temples passing by Kalabsha temple. You will also pass by Wadi El Seboua and Amada Temple or head north towards Luxor. Your Nile cruise will then sail to Kom Ombo. Over there, you will see the Temple of Sobek and Hareoeris, a captivating sight from the river. The Nile cruise then, sail to Edfu to visit the Horus Temple. And then it maybe stops for a while to visit Khnum Temple.

Further details:

Finally, your Nile cruise will end in Luxor. It is where you can visit the fabulous Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. You will also visit and Luxor Museum, or take a trip to the extraordinary Valley of the Kings. In fact, some Nile cruises may start at Luxor and so your journey will be in reverse. You may choose to travel beyond Luxor and see Dendera Temple or Abydos Temple. All Nile cruises will sail at a slow pace, giving you time to see the sights, relax and take in the atmosphere. You will be able to wave to children on the riverbank and see fishing boats go by. It’s a great way to combine a trip on the river with seeing the ancient sites along the way too. Make sure to share the memorable experience with loved ones on an Egypt Nile cruise.

Nile cruise Egypt Sailing Schedule:

Nile cruise Egypt, Nasser’s Lake cruises and also Dahabiyas have fixed sailing schedule. Moreover, most of Nile cruises embark on Friday, Monday and Wednesday from Aswan. They sail to Luxor for three nights nights. The Nile cruise embarks back from Luxor every Monday, Thursday and Saturday in sequence. They sail to Aswan for four nights. Some other Nile cruises have different schedule. You have to contact us first to ensure that the cruise you wish embarks on the same day you chose.

In fact, Nasser’s Lake cruises have the same. The most of Nasser’s Lake cruises embark on Friday from Abu Simbel for three nights, sailing to Aswan. They embark back from Aswan on Monday for four nights. The sailing schedule of the most of Dahabiyas is every Saturday from Aswan. Dahabiya cruise sails to Esna for seven nights and embarks back from Esna to Aswan for 07 nights on Saturday too. Some of Dahabiya cruises do the itinerary of 04, 05 and 06 nights. So, please to browse through our website to find out the itinerary that matches up with your requirements.

Egypt Nile cruise Classification:

In fact, 05 stars and 04 stars categories granted to the Nile cruise by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. However, it doesn’t reflect the real classification of the cruise. We classified the cruises based on the real furniture – Not The Brochure’s Photos-. We also did based on services, food quality, reliability and our history with them. Our classification starts from Luxurious and goes down to Deluxe, then Superior and then Standard. It ends with 04 stars.

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Latest Hotels & Nile cruises

Regent Nile cruise

Regent Nile cruise Luxor Egypt

M/S Regent Nile cruise is a Superior five stars floating ship. The Nile river cruise ship features five decks including the sun deck and 80 cabins. All cabins have air condition with individual control, mini bar and safe deposit box. The also feature private bathroom equipped with bath tub, hair dryer, shower...

Jaz Royale Nile cruise

Jaz Royale Nile cruise Luxor Egypt

M/S Jaz Royal Nile cruise is a Deluxe five stars floating ship. The Nile river cruise ship features five decks including the sun deck and 50 cabins. It also features two suites. All cabins and suites have air condition, mini bar and private bathroom. The bathroom equipped with bath tub, hair dryer...

Jasmine Nile cruise suite

Jasmine Nile cruise Luxor Egypt

M/S Jasmine Nile cruise is a deluxe five stars floating ship. The Nile river cruise ship features five decks including the sun deck and 57 cabins. It also features two suites. All Cabins and suites have air condition, mini bar and private bathroom. The bathroom equipped with bath tub, hair dryer...

Blue Shadow Nile cruise suite

Blue Shadow Nile cruise Luxor Egypt

M/S Blue Shadow Nile cruise is a deluxe five stars floating ship. The Nile river cruise ship features five decks including the sun deck and 56 cabins. It also features 03 Presidential suite and 01 Royal suites. All Cabins and suites have air condition, mini bar and private bathroom. The bathroom equipped with bath tub...

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