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Gabal Elba National Park situated 25 kilometer south of Marsa Alam, Egypt. In fact, Gabal Elba which means Elba mount, has a peak of 1435 meter. Moreover, the main coastal road runs through it. Gabal Elba National Park requires a permission from the Egyptian authorizations to visit it. In fact, Elba National Park declared in 1985 as protected area. Moreover, it covers 35,600 square kilometers. Furthermore, Gabal Elba National Park comprises many of ecosystems. Moreover, the national park includes a vast stretch of coral reef and mangrove coastline. It also includes 22 Red Sea islands and a 20 kilometer wide stretch of desert coastal plain.

In fact, the national park contains many natural, human and cultural resources. It has wildlife, medical and economic plants. Moreover, the national park has local tribes, ancient drawings and artifacts. In fact, it is besides geological and mineral treasures. Moreover, the national park also comprise water resources such as sweet water wills. Furthermore, the national park houses many springs. In fact, within Gabal Elba National Park are sea turtles. Moreover, it also has many types of inhabitants and migrant birds. Furthermore, the park also houses many types of Mangrove trees. In fact, they are of economic and environmental value.

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Elba Mount can get up to 400 mm of precipitation a year. That’s higher than the annual average for Greece. And it’s a much higher figure than the 15 mm average for the Eastern Desert region. Only a little of this precipitation comes in the form of heavy rain. Mist clouds form what called a mist oasis around Elba Mount and to a lesser extent the other summits. In fact, the humidity of these clouds approach 100 per cent. So, the tiny water droplets coalesce into large ones. As a result, the precipitation occurs in the form of a light drizzle. The plenty of moisture allows an exceptionally diverse flora to exist. Gabal Elba National Park houses some 458 species which unknown in the reserve.

Ferns, mosses and succulents are common in the mist zone at higher altitudes. Moreover, Biscutella elbensis is endemic to Elb Mount. At lower altitudes, in mountain wadis and foothills, there is dense parkland. In fact, it dominated by Acacia tortilis, Delonix elata and Aerva persica. Moreover, it also dominated by Euphorbia cuneata. Salt-marsh vegetation and mangrove swamps fringe stretch long of the coast. Gabal Elba National Park supports a rich fauna diversity. In fact, it indeed is unparalleled in comparison to the other desert environment in Egypt.

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Furthermore, the national park comprises forty species of birds. They include Afro-tropical, Ostrich Struthio camelus and Lappet face Vulture. Moreover, Gabal Elba National Park houses about twenty three species of mammals. In fact, they include the endangered sea cow and Dugong dugon. Furthermore, the national park has about thirty species of reptiles. Yet, it has only one amphibian specie.

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