• Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt
  • Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt
  • Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt
  • Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt
  • Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt
  • Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt

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Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt is a semi circular bay. In fact, the bay is part of the main coastline north of Marsa Alam. The diving site used as an overnight stop by most of the live aboard. Moreover, the site is a sandy slope with sea grass patches. Furthermore, Marsa Abu Dabba has no coral reef and visibility is as little as 5 meter in the shallows. Yet, the site houses resident Dugong and large green sea turtles that munch on the sea grass. Furthermore, the site has a good chance of guitar sharks. In fact, the guitar sharks prefer the shallow sea grass area. This dive often done as the final dive on a south safari.

Moreover, Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt features a little point venturing deeper than 15 meter. In fact, it allows divers to spend plenty of time in the shallow water. A good dive plan is to start at the south entrance to the bay. And then, get all the divers in the group to form a line. Placing the deepest diver in around 15 meter and spacing divers 3 or 4 meters apart will mean something. So, a group of 6 to 8 divers those in the shallows will be in just 3 meters of water. Once in position the line simple moves around the perimeter of the bay area in a sweeping formation.

Further details about Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt:

Those who are in the deeper water, should remember to swim slowly. In fact, it is because the line moves like the hand on a clock. So, those who are in the shallows have further to swim. Once divers spot something, the others can signal down the line. The visibility is usually poor at Marsa Abu Dabbab. In fact, it is due to the sand picked up by any swell. Keep an eye out for silver jacks (either lone or in pairs) close to the sea grass. These scavengers have a tendency to follow and pester guitar sharks. In fact, they scavenge the food from them. So, if you spot the silver jacks, it’s usually a good sign that there is a guitar shark below them.

If you find the large green turtles feed on the grass, then they will accompanied by large Remora fish. These fish cling to the shells of the turtles and are a pelagic marine fish in their own right. The relationship is symbiotic, the remora acts as a cleaner. In fact, it removes parasites from the turtles and in return obtains a meal. Dugong “sea cows” is a unique feature of Marsa Abu Dabbab. Indeed, you will never see such them anywhere else in the Red Sea. If you look for an easy and relaxing dive, then the site will be the ideal destination. In fact, it is specially if you are a beginner.

Marsa Abu Dabbab Egypt facts:

  • Location: North of Marsa Alam.
  • Description: Reef System.
  • Depth: 3 – 30 meters + (10 – 100 feet).
  • Visibility: 20 meters (65 feet).

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