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Egypt Bird watching is one of the most popular activities in Egypt. In fact, Many of tourists come to Egypt only for Bird Watching touring. Moreover, Egypt Bird Watching touring started since 150 years ago. In fact, Egypt Bird Watching touring is not much like the historical tours in Egypt. Actually, Egypt has an expanding national parks system since 20 years ago. Of course, Egypt Bird watching activity will become more popular. In fact, Egypt birds played an important role in the history of the country. Some of gods, such as Horus, express themselves in different birds. In fact, this was common in the religion of Ancient Egypt.

Even the myths of early creation evolved around certain birds. As an example, Pino, whichmade from the Yellow Bug (Motacilla flava). In fact, it later portrayed as the gray heron (ardea cinera). Another example is Horus, who manifested in the form of a hawk. Moreover, gods like Thoth could represented as Ibis. Rei was one of the most important gods in Egypt through its ancient history. In fact, he often represented by a falcon head, such as Nemti, Monto, Sukar and Sobdo. There was also a female goddess represented in the form of an eagle. In fact, many of these birds kept in sacred herds by ancient Egyptians. Moreover, some individual birds even elevated to temple animals.

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So that the souls (ba) of the ancient Egyptians often depicted as birds. Moreover, the ancient Egyptians were great natural historians. The walls of their temples and tombs depict more than 76 different species of birds. Many of these images represent hunting, which were sometimes symbolic. Many of habitats in Egypt particularly suitable for bird populations. They include, of course, the fertile Nile Valley. In fact, there are about 150 breeding birds residing in Egypt. Egypt Bird Watching include these birds which live in Egypt. In fact, the birds belong to zoo geographic regions which consist of Palaearctic and Ethiopian. They are birds and water songs confined to the Nile Valley, the Delta and some Western oases.

In fact, Egypt Bird watching activity include some of the mentioned birds. However, Egypt is a migration corridor that attracts about 280 species of birds. Egypt Bird watching tour will include some of these birds. Moreover, Egypt indeed has a unique geographical location. Actually, it is like a bridge between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Millions of birds pass through the country from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe. That is why Egypt Bird Watching could include these birds during their trips. In fact, the return back through Egypt every spring. Birds migration starts in the winter months, from mid of February. In fact, the first wave of storks and birds can seen.

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Moreover, Summer migration begins in early August. It is when the migration of waterbirds starts in Zaranik in northern Sinai. Furthermore, the White Stork migration begins in the southern Gulf of Suez. Egypt Bird watching programs can handled during these times of the year. In fact, here are many sites which are suitable for Egypt Bird Watching. One of the most unusual sites, is Lake Burullus, which may need a special permits to visit. In fact, the lake located in the Nile Delta and surrounded by swamps. The swamps make it an important winter area for the Wigeon and Suffers. Pochards, Boots and Whiskered Terns also found.

Lake Manzala also is suitable for Egypt Bird Watching activity. In fact, it reclaimed for agricultural land. However, it still offers chances to explore some birds like Shildox anf Shobers. and Kyots during the winter. Moreover, there are also many of coastal birds such as Avocets. Egypt Bird Watching activity also can done on Lake Bardawil. In fact, the lake located on the northern coast of Sinai. In deed, the lake is one of the most famous bird watching areas in Egypt. Moreover, it located near El Arish which is important migration route, especially for waterbirds. Visiting the site during the autumn migration season indeed is exciting. Here you can find herons and ducks (especially the Garganeys). In fact, they pass thousands, as do coastal birds such as Sander-lings.

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Little Stints, Dunlins and Avocets also pass. Furthermore, Flamingos are common in both Lake Bardawil lake and Manzala lake. Egypt Bird Watching activity also handled in Wadi El Natrun. In fact, the valley during antiquity, was a source of salt for the inhabitants of Egypt. The valley now inhabited with some of the Christian monasteries. In fact, it was On the beginning of the Christian period. which still remain to this day. The desert road which links Cairo with Alexandria, has many lakes and marshes. They are also suitable for Egypt Bird Watching activity. Cairo itself offers the greatest chance for Egypt Bird Watching activity. Giza Zoo offers both arched and other birds in its gardens.

In fact, the Zoo located in Giza near to Cairo University. Many migratory birds can found here during migration seasons. Moreover, the Zoo has birds that breed birds include the Sun birds and the Egrets. Senegal The thick knees occupy the rooftops of the city. The Yellow Mount treatment plant offers waders and light colored candles. In fact, it offers to a certain extent, the Egyptian white and rare Egyptian Canvans. Actually, the mount located near Cairo international airport. The Suez Canal also is one of the most important site for Egypt Bird Watching activity. In fact, it located in one of the most important migrating birds migratory birds. Also, clay plains frequented by a large number of migratory coastal birds.

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In the Gulf, many species of gulls and seals are many. Other casual visitors include white-eyed parrots and small-horsemen. Ain Sukhna is also important area for Egypt Bird Watching activity. It located South of the city of Suez. In fact, it is a growing tourist community where birds can seen along the majestic plateau. Moreover, gazelles and tractors found in coastal gardens and scrub. Furthermore, seabirds can also seen such as white-eyed seagulls and quick daggers. Egypt Bird Watching activity also can done in Fayoum Oasis. In fact, the oasis once well known for hunting birds, but this seems rare now. Moreover, this large oasis which includes Qarun’s Lake, is excellent for bird watching. The Grebes winter area, ducks, cabins and beach birds seen there.

Ras Muhammad of course is one of the most important area for Egypt Bird Watching touring. In fact, this park located in the southern tip of Sinai, south of Sharm. Moreover, it is one of the best and most famous protected areas in Egypt. Furthermore, it is famous for its coral reefs more than its birds. However, this is the nesting ground for Osprey and Sooty Falcons. The White Storks passes over thousands during the fall. Eagles and coastal birds also available there. Luxor is a major tourist attraction for its temples and its magnificent tombs. But in fact, it is also an excellent location for typical bird watching in the Nile Valley.

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Here, one finds Purple Galinol, Senegal and thick knee. You will also find Nile Valley bird, Sun-birds and even rare painted jellyfish. Aswan, also offers exceptional activity of Egypt Bird Watching. exploration. In fact, the small sailboat ride is often part of tourist tours in Aswan. You will have a good opportunity to watch the bird of the sad green. It is as well as other birds for breeding and water birds such as Egyptian geese and Egyptian eagle. Abu Simbel is also one of great areas for Egypt Bird Watching activity. In fact, many African bird species can found there along the shores of Lake Nasser.

The pink-backed swans, yellow yellow buffets and African barracuda seen over there. Moreover, the pink-headed baths and African panic waves also found. Egypt Bird Watching activity can also done in Mount of Elba. In fact, the mount located in the far eastern corner of Egypt. It offers unique landscapes which are different from the rest of the country. Ostrich, eagles Verreaux, pink-headed doves and Rosy-patched Shrikes found there. In fact, this area is a national protected area and it is difficult to reach it. Furthermore, it need special permits from the Egyptian authorization.

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