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Burullus Lake Bird Watching is amazing one and fantastic as well. The lake is along Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast. Moreover, it occupies a more or less, central position between the two branches of the Nile. Moreover, it extends between 31o 22′ – 31 o 26′ N and 30 o 33′ – 31 o 07′ E. It is a shallow brackish lake. Moreover, it connected with the sea by a small outlet (Boughaz), about 50 m wide near El Burg village.

In fact, the length of the lake is about 65 km. The width varied between 6 and 16 km, with an average of about 11 km. The depth of the lake ranges between 0.42 and 2.07 m. Moreover, the eastern sector of the lake is the shallowest, showing an average depth of 0.8 m. The present area of Burullus Lake is 420 km 2 (100000 acre) of which 370 km 2 is open water. The Former estimates of the area were 588 km 2 (140000 acre) in 1913. 574 km 2 (136620 acre) in 1956 and 462 km 2 (110000 acre) in 1974.

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It seems that during the last 6 years there has been a reduction in the lake area by 30%. In fact, this decrease is due to continuous land reclamation projects along the southern and eastern shores of the lake. Burullus Lake indeed is a wintering area of international importance for waterbirds. It is especially for Wigeon, Shoveler, Pochard, Feruginous Duck, Coot and Whiskered Tern.

Burullus Lake indeed is one of the most important wintering areas. In fact, the importance is for the Whiskered Tern breeding in Europe and Western Asia. The lake contains the highest concentration of this species in the world. Bird watching Burullus lake indeed is unique. In fact, more than 42 Marsh Harrier recorded on it.

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In fact, Red throat-ed Pipit, Rock Pipit, and Yellow Wagtail reported. They are abundant in winter. Moreover, the total number of waterbirds wintering in Burullus Lake and adjacent marshes exceed half a million. Land reclamation along the southern and south-eastern periphery of the lake, is the main threat. Furthermore, the continuous land reclamation projects have an irreversible impact on the ecosystem of the lake. This is because of its great international importance as a wintering area for the Palearctic waterbirds. It strongly suggested to stop further land reclamation. In fact, it made Burullus Lake and adjacent marshes a wildlife reserve.

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