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Fayoum Bird Watching is one the famous activities in Egypt. In fact, the oasis is a wonderful bird watching destination. Fayoum well known for its delicious fruits and vegetables. Birds migrate to the oasis for the lush plants and the waters of Qarun’s Lake. The lake is the largest salt water lake in Egypt. The watching of birds include Grebes, coots, ducks and shorebirds during winter. In its South-Western part, the Fayoum depression is also home to the Rayan Valley. It also called Wadi El Rayan.

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In fact, the valley covers 11,450 hectares of lakes. Moreover, it also covers 1,580 hectares of wetlands and 160,949 hectares of desert lands. The area declared as a protected area in 1989. Being near from Cairo, the area visited yearly by hundreds or thousands of Egyptians. It also visited by foreign tourists who enjoy the natural features of the protectorate.

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