Siwa Oasis

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Egypt oases safari tour Siwa oasis Bahariya oasis White desert 9 Days 8 nights including Cairo
per person880.00$
Egypt oases safari tour including Cairo, Alexandria, Siwa Bahariya oasis and White desert. Visit Shali Fortress, the old Siwan village and Cleopatra's Pool. The spring is one of many in the area and is located on the path that leads to Amun Temple. It is a stone pool fed by natural spring water, and probably the best
Egypt Safaris Siwa Bahariya White Desert Safari tour
per person880.00$
Today, we will visit Shali Fortress, the old Siwan village. And then, we will visit Cleopatra Spring. The hot spring is one of many springs located in the area. In fact, it located on the path which leads to Umm Ubaydah temple. In fact, Cleopatra spring a stone pool which fed by natural spring water.
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