• Bir Wahed Siwa Oasis
  • Bir Wahed Siwa Oasis
  • Bir Wahed Siwa Oasis

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Bir Wahed Siwa Oasis is a hot spring in Siwa Oasis, means in English “Well Number 1”. In fact, Bir Wahed is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Siwa. A favorite excursion among local guides is the cold freshwater lake at Bir Wahed. It is 15 km away on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. Once over the top of a high dune, you come to a hot spring, the size of a large Jacuzzi, where sulphurous water bubbles in a pool and runs off to irrigate a garden. Cooling down in the lake, and then watching the sun setting over the dunes while soaking in a hot spring, is a surreal experience. The thorns in this rose are the mosquitoes that bite at sunset.

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Because it’s far from town, women can wear bathing suits here without offending locals. Bir Wahed can only reached by 4WD. So if you don’t have your own, you’ll need to hire a guide and car. Permits are needed to visit Bir Wahed. The best way to see this hot spring is to leave early in the morning with plenty of water, a good GPS and a good pair of boots. Arrive midday and leave before the day trippers arrive and you have the whole desert to yourself.

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