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Excalibur shipwreck lies in fact a few meters from shore, inside Hurghada’s harbor. The wreckage of the Excalibur, also referred to as the Suzanna. In fact, the site is an easy dive for all levels of divers. It can even accessed from shore but boat trips are also organized to reach the site. The Excalibur ship is a 22-meter long twin mast motor. It sank in 1995 for undetermined reasons. In fact, a fire broke out in its main section a short time before it sank. Today, you’ll find it resting on the sea bed in an upright position.

More information about Excalibur shipwreck Hurghada:

Divers usually explore the inside of the ship – a torch will definitely come in handy – where sinks, toilets and electric gear testify of the diving ship’s past. Moreover some lovely fish species find the Suzanna pretty hospitable. This is the case of regular glassfish and lionfish. Small barracudas also visit from time to time, so do dolphins and turtles, but really rarely!

Excalibure Shipwreck site facts:

  • Depth: 22 meters.
  • Visibility: 10 – 30 meters.

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