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4 days Lake Nasser cruise is an amazing cruise holiday package. In fact, 4 days Lake Nasser cruise tour starts from Abu Simbel to Aswan. Lake Nasser in fact is the largest lake in the world which made by the man. However, you’ll find its serene waters and pristine banks full of natural wonders. It also full of ancient monuments. Lake Nasser cruises are cruises ships which taken to the highest level of comfort and luxury. They offer different ambiance than the ones you might find on the regular Nile cruises. In fact, only six cruisers allowed to sail on Lake Nasser. The boats designed with touches of modern or Art Deco elegance. They usually include a swimming pool, a gym, a Jacuzzi, a bar and a gourmet restaurant. Guests pampered with treats such as classical music in front of the Abu Simbel temples.

On the first day of 4 days Lake Nasser cruise, you will embark on the cruise. The embarkation will be before lunch at 12.00 noon. Lunch will be on the cruise board. After lunch, we will visit the great temples of Abu Simbel, the two massive rock temples. They situated on the western bank of Lake Nasser, about 230 km southwest of Aswan (about 300 km by road). The complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site which known as the “Nubian Monuments”. In fact, it runs from Abu Simbel downriver to Philae (near Aswan). The twin temples carved out of the mountainside. It was during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II in the 13th century BC.

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In fact, it was a lasting monument to himself and his Queen Nefertari. Moreover, it was to commemorate his alleged victory at the Battle of Kadesh. It also was to intimidate his Nubian neighbors. However, the complex relocated in its entirety in 1968. It is on an artificial hill which made from a domed structure, high above the Aswan High Dam reservoir. The relocation of the temples was to avoid the submerging during the creation of Lake Nasser. Dinner and overnight will be on the cruise board. On the second day of 4 days Lake Nasser cruise, we will sail to Qasr Ibrim. In fact, it is an archaeological site in Lower Nubia. It was a major city which perched on a cliff above the Nile. The flooding of Lake Nasser transformed it into an island and flooded its outskirts. It was after the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

Qasr Ibrim is the only major archaeological site in Lower Nubia to have survived the Nile floods. Before and after the Nile floods, it remained a major site for archaeological investigations. And then we will sail to Amada to visit Amada temple. the temple is the oldest Egyptian temple in Nubia. It first constructed by pharaoh Thutmose III of the 18th dynasty. In fact, it dedicated to Amun and Re-Horakhty. Continue to visit Ed Deir and Pennut tomb. Lunch will be on the cruise board while sailing to Wadi es Seboua. Dinner and overnight will be on the cruise board. On the third day of 4 days Lake Nasser cruise, we will visit Wadi es Seboua temple. In fact, it is the third style temple which Ramses II built in Nubia.

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The temple built out of stones except the sanctuary. The inner vestibules which carved into the bed rock. The temple consists of a sphinx avenue, an entrance and 3 pylons. It also has 3 courtyards, a hypo-style hall and inner sanctuary. The walls of the temple decorated with many religion scenes and important relief. Then we will take a camel ride (against extra charge) or walk to El Dakka and Mehraka. Lunch will be on the cruise board while sailing to Aswan. Dinner and overnight on board. On the fourth day of 4 days Lake Nasser cruise, we will disembark. And then, we will visit Kalabsha temple which dedicated to the Nubian god Mandulis. Continue to Beit el Wali to visit the beautiful Kiosk of Qertassi. There, we will encounter the Nubian style temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor.

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