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Allegria Golf course Cairo is the first Norman-designed Golf course. It is Troon Golf’s first project in Egypt. In fact, it situated west of Cairo within SODIC’s award winning residential development. Allegria Golf course designed with young families and children in mind. Moreover, it comprises modern residential facilities set within acres of pristine parkland. The course provides a stunning backdrop for the development’s luxurious villas, townhouses and features state-of-the-art facilities. The facilities include clubhouse, Golf academy and driving range.

Allegria Golf course also features a five star boutique hotel. It also features luxurious spa. The spa located in the extensive list of the community’s amenities. In fcat, the 18-hole course managed by Troon Golf. Troon Golf is the world’s leading Golf management. It is also a development and marketing company. The golf course has designed to blend in the convivial and warm atmosphere of the Allegria community. The course thus peppered with natural elements. It serves as hazards, such as lakes, a stream, high rocks and lavish greenery. The golf course is 18 hole. The facilities include Clubhouse, Club Rental and Caddies.

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In fact, Allegria Golf course is near to El Hassana Dome National Park. The National Park is a unique geological formation in Giza, Egypt. It created 100 million years ago. Moreover, it designated a natural protectorate in 1989. It was by Prime Ministerial Decree 946/1989. It currently threatened by encroaching urbanization and construction works. Furthermore, the National Park located in the area of Abu Rawash which is 8 Kilometer from Giza Pyramids. It features geological importance and richness in fossils. It first discovered in the mid nineteenth century.

Moreover, the course is also near to Dreamland Golf course. Dreamland golf course located only few minutes from the Great Pyramids of Giza. It has designed by the famous Golf architect Karl Litten. Dreamland golf course is one of the longest in Egypt.It has a special pharaonic touch to it. The actual Giza pyramids are visible from some holes. The holes themselves have called names like Ramses the First! Challenges include mounding, lakes, trees and sand areas.

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Furthermore, Allegria Golf course is also near to Orange Lakes Golf club. The golf club situated on the Cairo to Alexandria desert road. It is just a short drive north of the capital. Moreover, it holds its name from the 5 enormous lakes covering a total area of 215.000 square meter. Orange Lakes Golf club threw its doors wide open for business. It is also for christening the course with a celebratory team shotgun competition. It is for a select group of invitees.

Allegria Golf course is also near to Hilton Pyramids Spa. In fact, the spa located at Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort. It is at 6 of October city. Moreover, it is minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo city. Hilton Pyramids spa is 1800 square meters center. In fact, it is the ideal sanctuary for relaxation and well-being. It is an oasis of exceptional personal service and amenities!. Indulge in a hydro-thermal pool bath to release your neck and back tensions. It is before trying one of the various massages on offer. These performed by trained professionals. Hilton Pyramids spa facilities include all-year-around Heated Indoors Swimming Pool. It also features Heated Hydro-massage Pool, Sauna and Steam.

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