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El Hassana Dome National Park is a unique geological formation in Giza, Egypt. In fact, it created 100 million years ago. The park designated a natural protectorate in 1989. It was by Prime Ministerial Decree 946/1989. In fact, the park currently threatened by encroaching urbanization and construction works. The National Park located in the area of Abu Rawash which is 8 Kilometer from Giza Pyramids. Moreover, it features geological importance and richness in fossils. It first discovered in the mid nineteenth century. In fact, El Hassana Dome name owes to its dome shaped hills. It also owes to its location at the end of El Hassana Valley.

Furthermore, the dome is 149 meters high. The highest points from its eastern part raises 109 meters. In fact, the park split in two by the Cairo Alexandria Desert Highway. Its western side is rich in chalky sediment-ed hills and seashells. They are along with plant and animal fossils dating back to the Upper Cretaceous Period. Moreover, it is 135 million years old. With an area of just one square kilometer, the park is one of Egypt’s smallest. In fact, it not a well known tourist destination. Moreover, it surrounded by urbanization and the pollution that accompanies that it.

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The upscale New Giza housing project lies at its southern border. A network of pipelines currently installed along its eastern side. Moreover, quarries operate in the vicinity and commercial farms found along its southeast border. El Hassana Dome National Park does not receive many visitors. It is except those interested in geology and paleontology. They are along with students on scientific school field trips. So the protectorate is not disturbed or polluted by visitors.

The geological richness of the National Park, first discovered by Gustave Le Febrve. He was a French engineer. He commissioned by Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1839. It was to survey the area around the Pyramids of Giza. To someone who is neither a geologist nor a paleontologist, there may not be much to see here. The park looks like an ordinary plot of desert with hills. But to specialists, the park does resemble an open air prehistoric museum.

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