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Go for a two days Felucca Aswan from Aswan to Kom Ombo. You will enjoy a traditional Nile sailing experience. In fact, the sailing boat offers a relaxing way to take in the sights and sounds of the Nile. In two days felucca Aswan, you will spend the day relaxing on the soft mattresses and cushions. They cover the deck while sunbathing or reading a book under a canopy. Spend the evening under the stars with the boat moored along the banks of the Nile. The small boat crew double as cooks and entertainers. The few passengers along for the ride make for an intimate encounter. The cruise ends near the temple of Kom Ombo.

In fact, two days felucca will include a visits to Elephantine Island. Elephantine Island is an island which located in the center of the Nile at Aswan. The island was the original “border town”. The border town was between Egypt and the Nubian lands to the south. Moreover, in ancient times it was an important strategic position. It was both for the defense of the border and as a trading route. The two days felucca Aswan will also include a visit to Aga Khan Mausoleum. In fact, the mausoleum built in honor of Sultan Mohmmad Shah, Aga Khan III. The mausoleum located in Aswan, Egypt. In fact, Agha Khan was the 48th Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims. He also was one of the founders of the All-India Muslim League. Moreover, he even served as President of the League of Nations in 1937.

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The two days felucca Aswan will also include a visit to Kitchener Island. It also known as the botanical garden and El Nabatat Island. In fact Kitchener’s Island Aswan is an An oval-shaped island in the Nile at Aswan, Egypt. The island granted to Lord Horatio Kitchener in the 1890. It was for his part in the Sudanese campaigns while he was the Egyptian Consul. In fact, Kitchener was a keen gardener. He turned his island home into a botanical garden. Moreover, he imported the exotic plants and trees which flourished in the Aswan climate. Kitchener’s Island Aswan constructed in 1899 under the supervision of the Ministry of Irrigation. It turned into an experimental station for plants from equatorial regions in 1928. The tour will include the lunch, dinner and overnight. They will be on the boat board.

On the next day of the two days felucca Aswan, the boat will sail to Kom Ombo. It is while while you take the breakfast on board. Over there, you will visit Kom Ombo temple. The temple located in the town of Kom Ombo. The town is an industrial town 45 km north of Aswan. It placed between Edfu and Aswan as a garrison town on an important trading route. The Ptolemaic temple and ancient town site is a few kilometers from the modern town. It is on a promontory on the east bank of the Nile. In fact, the temple dedicated to two triads of deities. Each with its own associated chambers and sanctuaries. Moreover, on the eastern side of the temple, the crocodile god Sobek honored with his wife. Lunch will be on the boat board. After visiting Kom Ombo temple, you will disembark.

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