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Alexandria Sporting Club built in 1890 and is one of the oldest clubs in Egypt. In fact, in 1952, it taken over by the Egyptian government and converted to a national club. The Sporting Club managed by Mahmoud Hamdy, the chairman of the club. 97% of the club area occupied by a Golf course. Those with annual memberships, tourists or those who pay a daily entrance fee can play Golf. Summer memberships are also available.

Alexandria Sporting Club also has three swimming pools, tennis courts and equestrian area. Moreover, The Sporting Club has also basketball courts and football field. Moreover, it also has squash courts and many other facilities. The club is one of the oldest Golf courses in Egypt. The colonial architecture of the club is a reminder of its glorious past. A camel and horse track still run around the course. Its fairways lined by huge trees, giving enough shade in a warm summer day. Course specifications include 18 holes, par 70 and 5965 yards. The Facilities include Pro shop, caddies, trolleys and club rental.

The Club Contact:

Tel: +20 12-1287126
email: [email protected]

Further details about Alexandria Sporting Club:

Alexandria Sporting Club is near to Stanley Bridge. In fact, the Bridge is a 400 meter-long proudly standing Egyptian modern monument. If you decided to walk along the corniche, you will see old men playing backgammon. Moreover, you will see also youngster enjoying night skyline from the nearby cafe. See the harbor, Stanley Beach down below and the elegant towers of the bridge. There are plenty of local and international cafes in the area. Try to visit this spot on a summer evening. In fact, in summer the sky is clear and the sunset is more inspiring than ever. A perfect point to take great pictures of the whole Alexandrian seafront.

Alexandria Sporting Club also near to Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral. The cathedral is the historical seat of the Pope of Alexandria.  the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral Alexandria stands on the site of the church founded by St. Mark the Evangelist in AD 60. Alexandria Sporting Club also near to Alexandria National Museum. The museum considered one of Egypt’s finest museums. Alexandria National Museum inaugurated by Previous President Hosni Mubarak on December 2003. The National Museum located in a restored palace. Moreover, contains about 1,800 artifacts. In fact, the artifacts narrate the history of Alexandria throughout the ages. They are including the Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras.

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