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Stanley Bridge Alexandria is a 400 meter-long proudly standing Egyptian modern monument. If you decided to walk along the corniche, you will see old men playing backgammon. You will see also youngster enjoying night skyline from the nearby café. See the harbor, Stanley Beach down below and the elegant towers of the bridge. Moreover, there are plenty of local and international cafes in the area. Try to visit this spot on a summer evening. In summer, the sky is clear and the sunset is more inspiring than ever. A perfect point to take great pictures of the whole Alexandrian seafront.

In fact, Stanley Bridge Alexandria has four towers. They modeled to compliment the Islamic design of the royal palace in Montaza. Many fishermen line up on the bridge waiting for their catch of the day. Furthermore, on the evenings, many brides and grooms take their wedding photographs on the bridge.

Further details about Stanley Bridge Alexandria:

In fact, the bridge built to enlarge Alexandria corniche. Moreover, the narrow two-ways road was causing too much traffic in the area. Below Stanley Bridge Alexandria is Stanley Bay, a beach with cabins. The city chief of Alexandria decided to create a 400 meter bridge on the Mediterranean sea. In fact, it was instead of destroying the popular beach . The two towers on the side of the sea have a small opening that looks out onto the water below. Furthermore, there is an underpass for pedestrians near the bridge. So it is safe to cross to the other side. On the other side, there are several coffee shops and restaurants.

The restaurants include Costa coffee shop and a McDonald’s. So you can sit and enjoy a panoramic view of the bridge. In fact, Stanley Bridge Alexandria is an important development to the Alexandrian seafront. The bridge creates an easy flow of traffic and smooth connecting to the other side of Alexandria. The bridge is not only a convenient way for commuters but also also a beautiful landmark. It offers many recreational activities.

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