• Woodhouse Reef Sharm Egypt
  • Woodhouse Reef Sharm Egypt
  • Woodhouse Reef Sharm Egypt
  • Woodhouse Reef Sharm Egypt
  • Woodhouse Reef Sharm Egypt
  • Woodhouse Reef Sharm Egypt

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Woodhouse Reef Sharm El Sheikh lies between Jackson Reef and Gordon Reef. In fact, the reef is a long, narrow reef running at an angle form northeast to southwest. Moreover, from its shallow reef top, the reef drops at a sharp angle on all sides. Although it is less than vertical throughout the reef’s length, the angle steepens still further beyond 25m (80ft). In fact, Woodhouse Reef is generally dived as a drift along the reef’s eastern side.

The current is usually moderate, but can pick up speed at certain phases of the Moon. It is particularly toward the northern channel between Woodhouse Reef Sharm and Jackson Reef. Care should be taken not to get pulled around the point here, as you could be swept off the reef into the main shipping lane.

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In fact, the coral cover indeed is excellent throughout the reef, with dense growth all over. Moreover, there are a few sandy patches at depths of around 20m (65ft). Many species are present but because of the sheltered position of the reef, away from the main current, a certain amount of sedimentation has effected the corals here. In Woodhouse Reef you will find pelagic fish including big tuna and schools of trevally or jacks. It is in addition to fusiliers, snapper, surgeons and unicorns along with thousands of other reef fish.

Woodhouse Reef Sharm Site facts:

  • Location: Second from the north in the Straits of Tiran reef chain.
  • Access: Local or live-aboard boat from Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay or other ports.
  • Average Depth: 15m (50ft).
  • Maximum Depth: 40m+ (130ft+).
  • Average Visibility:20m (65ft).

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