• Sharm El Naga Safaga
  • Sharm El Naga Safaga
  • Sharm El Naga Safaga
  • Sharm El Naga Safaga
  • Sharm El Naga Safaga
  • Sharm El Naga Safaga

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Sharm El Naga Safaga located only 45 km south of Hurghada. In fact, this amazing site features fantastic protected area of Sharm El Naga. Moreover, it also features a paradisiac beach. The beach is ideal for Snorkeling and relaxing in the sun as well. Get your gear from the mall in Hurghada, if you don’t want to rent it in the site. Hop on a bus (transportation can arranged by your hotel). Spend a day exploring the underwater lively fauna and flora of the Red Sea. In fact, the diving site comprises fishes galore and intact corals. They await you at this unspoiled spot of the Red Sea Riviera. The wide sandy beach slopes into the waters are an ideal feature for beginners.

In fact, the Sharm El Naga Safag also features charming beach chalets. It will be a fantastic experience if you booked one or two nights. Moreover, the diving site reef is in good condition and popular location for snorkelers. The entry and exit points are from the shore, close to where the dive shop and amenities located. Once you enter the water, the sandy bottom alters into a coral covered ledge. In fact, the slopes are away down to depths which snorkeling cannot reach. For those who snorkel, there is an area which roped off and which you asked to stay inside.

Further details bout Sharm El Naga Safaga:

Please do not go beyond the barriers as they are there to stop the coral becoming damaged. Yet, we do recommend that you swim out as far as you are comfortable with going. In fact, the reef improves further from the shore. Both snorkelers and divers alike should see a healthy selection of coral in this fantastic site. In fact, it houses fire, table and fan corals. Furthermore, there is also plenty of marine life with giant clams. Moreover, the diving site houses rays and octopus as more infrequent sightings. The diving site also has the usual Red Sea menagerie of sergeants. Moreover, it also houses butterfly fish, parrot-fish, lion-fish and Anthias.

Sharm El Naga Safaga site facts:

  • Dive Site: Sharm El Naga House Reef.
  • Location: Safaga.
  • Description: Sloping reef.
  • Depth: 0 – 30 meters (0 – 100 feet).
  • Visibility: 20 meters (65 feet).

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