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Panorama Reef is one of the largest single reefs off Safaga, Egypt. In fact, Panorama Reef features panoramic underwater views in its plateaus and vertical walls. That is why called so. Moreover, the sites features A large, oblong reef and Panorama experiences strong currents. Furthermore, Panorama Reef has deep drops offs and a fair chance of pelagic. In fact, more than one dive is essential to discover all the features of the reef site. Moreover, the boats moor on the southern end. It is where divers can make an “out and back” dive heading around to the northeast or northwest. To the south is a vertical wall with deep fissures in it. It can explored in the shallows, where Antheas cloud the water at the end of a dive.

As you head around from the south to the east side there is a sloping plateau. In fact, it is between 20 and 30 meter. It is where large shoals of blue lunar fusiliers dart towards the reef. Panorama Reef includes Tuna, trevellay and barracuda patrol. Make sure you spend time looking into the blue for the occasional white-tip shark or even a gray reef shark. Panorama Reef sometimes has a current. In case it present, it usually runs from north to south. So, it will be a good option is to use a zodiac or RIB. Drop as far to the north on either the west or preferably the east side. In fact, Gorgonian fans and soft corals are more common on the east side. Head in a direction with the reef on your right shoulder back to your boat, using any current.

Further details about Panorama Reef:

The northern end of the Panorama reef usually dived in calmer conditions. In fact, here is also a plateau which slopes down to around 30 meter. It is before dropping vertically to 84 meter and then away into the depths. The northern plateau offers a better chance of sharks or turtles. It also offers a school of barracuda hang off the northern tip of the plateau and over the vertical wall. Dropping off the north tip gives the chance to investigate the deeper wall. And then, drift or swim past the prolific purple soft coral. Heading with the reef to left shoulder will take you along a 20 m – 25 m deep plateau. It is on the west side of the reef which has large Acropora table corals on it. Moreover, it also has giant morays and blue spotted rays.

Panorama Reef diving site facts:

  • Dive Site: Panorama Reef.
  • Location: Safaga.
  • Description: Wall dive
  • Depth: Drops away to about 100 meters (300 feet).
  • Visibility: 25 meters (80 feet)

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