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Menaville Resort Spa housed by Menaville Resort in Safaga, Egypt. In fact, Menaville Resort Spa located on the Red Sea, 45 KM from Hurghada airport. Moreover, the resort located 8 KM from Safaga city and 180 KM from the great city of Luxor. In fact, the resort comprises 301 rooms and suites to suit all needs of the guests. Furthermore, the resort covers an area of 86,000 square meters. Moreover, it features 700 m private sandy beach and lavish gardens. Menaville Resort Spa become a world-renowned Red Sea destination for Climatotherapy patients. The Resort offers a special treatments for the people who suffer from certain disease.

In fact, the diseases are such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Indeed, they will enjoy the care of an on-site medical team from their first day at the hotel. The hotel features a total of 301 rooms and suites in attractive, bright buildings. The Resort’s Spa features trained and qualified professionals. In fact, they will draft for each guest a personalized treatment program. The program includes spa baths, solarium and sand bathing sessions. The resort Resort fenced and divided into four isolated sections. Two are for women and two are for men.

Further details about Menaville Resort Spa:

In fact, it is for more privacy to the guests. Furthermore, The spa features open-air solarium area in. Moreover, the patients can enjoy the curative properties of the natural black sand. They also can do on the hotel’s private beach. Menaville Resort is also perfect for a typical relaxation holiday. The Resort’s spa offers various treatments including hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and underwater massage. It also caters for specific needs by offering weight loss programs as an example.

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Contact: Tel: (+2065) 3260064/65/66/67.
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