• Hatour Shipwreck Safaga
  • Hatour Shipwreck Safaga
  • Hatour Shipwreck Safaga
  • Hatour Shipwreck Safaga
  • Hatour Shipwreck Safaga

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Hatour Shipwreck Safaga located on the eastern end of Sha’ab Sheer (Hyndman Reef), Safaga, Egypt. In fact, Htour ship sank in late November 2001 in just 16 meter of the water. Moreover, Hatour Shipwreck lies to the south between the main reef and the two large ergs. In fact, the two ergs mark the most eastern part of this long reef. The boat supposed to meet another vessel at Abu Kafan which located to the east of Hatours shipwreck. In fact, the ship struck the south side of this reef and began taking water. With no alternative due to the deep water surrounding Abu Kafan, Hatour Shipwreck Safaga put in tow. Moreover, the convoy made for the nearest shallow water at Sha’ab Sheer. It is where passengers and crew evacuated and it subsequently sank.

Over the next few months in true Egyptian style, everything of value salvaged. Furthermore, everything scavenged from  Hatour Shpiwreck which was easy accessible. Today little more than a wooden hull remains recognizable. In fact, it is through its shape and remaining features such as the railings at the bow. Dive vessels often moor on the south side of Sha’ab Sheer for the night taking advantage of the shelter. A good dive option is to head around to north side. It is in case your dive boat has a zodiac or RIB. In fact, the lovely hard coral garden is at 14 meter. The coral at Hatour Shipwreck Safaga is the large boulder type which can be a little disorienting. Yet, keeping the main reef to your right shoulder will ensure you reach the south side.

Further details about Hatour Shipwreck Safaga:

There is a rarely current at this point on the reef. So, don’t rely on this to aid your swim back. The shipwreck is easily visible from the reef. In fact, it is although visibility tends to be poorer on the south side. Indeed it is definitely worth a stop to investigate the remains. Moreover, a popular night dive site of Hatour Shipwreck added to the south side of the reef. In fact, the south side of reef has much less coral growth and marine life than the north. Heading out from your dive boat, investigate the first of the ergs and make a circuit or two. It is where there is some soft coral growth and a fair chance of Spanish dancers at night. In fact, the shipwreck takes on a new perspective in the dark . Moreover, a large resident moray eel seems to have made his home here.

Hatour Shipwreck Safaga facts:

  • Dive Site: M.V. Hatour.
  • Location: Sha’ab Sheer, Safaga.
  • Description: Offshore Reef.
  • Depth: 25 – 200 meters + (80 – 655 feet).
  • Visibility: 25 – 30 meters (80 – 100 feet).

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