• Abu Kafan Reef Safaga
  • Abu Kafan Reef Safaga
  • Abu Kafan Reef Safaga
  • Abu Kafan Reef Safaga
  • Abu Kafan Reef Safaga
  • Abu Kafan Reef Safaga

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Abu Kafan Reef located in Red Sea of Safaga, Egypt. In fact, Abu Kafan Reef also called Abu Qifan Reef and means the father of abyss or coffin. The diving site is the most favorite diving site in Safaga. In fact, the reef features occasional strong currents and vertical walls. Moreover, there is a present chance of pelagic shark action there. The reef is a large reef sliver which elongates and rises from depths of 400 meter. Furthermore, Abu Kafan Reef size and diversity mean that you need to at least two separate dives. One is in the northern and the other one in southern sections.

To the north is a sloping plateau which starts at around 15 meter at the reef. Moreover, the reef slopes to 30 meter before dropping away into deep water. There is a large erg on the northern plateau close to the main reef. In fact, this erg forms at 12 meter channel between it and the reef. Abu Kafan Reef also houses prolific soft coral. In fact, the soft coral with the upper parts of the reef are teeming with Antheas. Moreover, they have all manner of smaller marine life. The plateau itself swept with current which comes from the north. So, it dropped here by zodiac or RIB. And then, it heads down the northeast wall. In fact, it is where you can picked up or meet your dive boat to the south.

Further details about Abu Kafan Reef:

Abu Kafan Reef comprises turtles which are often present in the shallower areas. They also re on the north plateau. The diving site also include barracuda hunt and white-tip sharks who can come in closer to the reef. In fact, it is with the larger gray reef sharks. They tend to stay further out in the current. The northeast wall is quite a vertical drop down to 110 meter where a 10 m wide ledge protrudes. In fact, it is before the wall continues into the abyss. At 30 meter depth, it becomes more barren. Yet, purple and orange soft coral, black coral and long whip corals protrude from the reef.

In the southern end of the sliver, the reef splits forming another separate erg. In fact, it is similar in topography to the one on the north plateau. This erg forms 18 meter deep and 10 meter wide channel between the erg and main reef. If the current runs, it tends to pick up and sweep you through the channel. Rather than, head south around the main reef and back to the more sheltered area. In fact, it is well worth a swim back around the outside of this southern erg. Again the reef wall drops away. There, Abu Kafan Reef houses large pelagic possible with tuna. This tends to be the end of the dive as you head around the south point. In fact, the shallows here are also teeming with life at 3 meter.

More details about Abu Kafan Reef:

Moreover, In this area, the reef forms small fissures and crevices. They in fact, go back into the reef for quite a distance in places. The careful diver can explore these to the surprise of resident marine life. The southwest side of th reef can dived by performing to”out and back” dive. In fact, it is from your dive boat which will moor on the south end. If the current runs, it tends to be more sheltered on the southwest. In fact, a great dive is for the more experienced diver. Yet, depending on conditions it is suitable for all.

Abu Kafan Reef diving site facts:

  • Dive Site: Abu Kafan (The Deep One).
  • Location: Safaga.
  • Description: Offshore Reef.
  • Depth: 0 – 60 meters (0 – 200 feet).
  • Visibility: 25 – 30 meters (80 – 100 feet).

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