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Al Kahfain Shipwreck Safaga located in Sha’ab Sheer in Safaga, Egypt. In fact, Al Kahfain Shipwreck is one of the newer wreck dives in the Red Sea. The ship sank in Safaga Red Sea on November 3rd 2005. Moreover, the ship built in the British shipyard, Cammell Laird Shipbuilders Ltd. It launched under the name of Ulster Queen in 1967. Furthermore, it was was a roll-on, roll-off ferry for vehicles and passengers. It was similar in appearance to the Salem Express. Salem Express is another shipwreck in Safaga. In fact, it lies just 10 minutes by boat to the south of the shipwreck. In 2005 Al Kahfain operated as a passenger ferry, based in the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

On November 2nd 2005 , the ship returned from Suez to the port of Jeddah to collect passengers. With a crew of 58 and no passengers aboard it, an explosion in the engine room occurred. In fact, it was near Abu Nuhas Reef on the northern end of Shadwan Island. On November 3rd, the ship struck the north east part of a reef chain. In fact, the reef chain known as Hyndman Reef and locally as Sha’ab Sheer. It is near Safaga Port where it capsized and sunk upside down. In fact, it was against the reef wall in 24 meter of water. Diving at the Shipwreck is quite an experience. In fact, Al Kahfain Shipwreck Safaga is a new wreck which is far from settled. It means much of it still moves with the flow of water, particularly at the bow section.

Further details about Al Kahfain Shipwreck Safaga:

There, part of the ship’s superstructure and decking crushed and peeled away. So, huge sections of metal creak and groan. In fact, the diving site features a strange underwater symphony of sorrowful reverberation. It was because of the other sections of wreckage rasp and scrap, metal on metal. There is often a medium strength current which tends to flow north east along the reef. If the current runs, it makes things easier to tuck in near to the sea floor of the ship. In fact, it is at 24 meter and close to the wreck. It is where shelter from the current makes progress towards to bow less of an effort. At this level, look underneath the upturned wreck. You will see the super structure of Al Kahfain Shipwreck Safaga.

The railings and davits of Al Kahfain still have a clean white appearance. In fact, their coats of paint yet to tarnished by the effects of long term immersion in salt water. The davit winches still painted a bright orange and serial numbers are still visible. Halfway along Al Kahfain shipwreck Safaga, there is a huge tear in the structure. It is where the ship almost ripped in two. Moreover, once you approach the bow, the large starboard anchor lies on the sea floor. In fact, it no longer attached to the ship. Moreover, the port anchor is still in place in its housing on the upturned port bow. There, the name of the “Al Kahfain” is clearly visible in large blue lettering.

Al Kahfain Shipwreck diving site facts:

  • Location: Sha’ab Sheer, Safaga.
  • Description: Ferry wreck.
  • Depth: 23 meter to sea bed (75 feet), 6 meter to top of the wreck (20 feet).
  • Visibility: 20 meters (65 feet).

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