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Ras Shaitan Nuweiba Egypt or Shetan (Devil’s Head) located at a Bedouin camp north of Nuweiba. In fact, the real name was “Ras el Shateen” which translates to “Head of the two beaches”. Due to foreigners that try to pronounce the Arabic name, it transformed to Ras Shaytan. It got the name “Head of the two beaches” because of the rock formation. In fact, it divides the place into two separate beaches. Moreover, the diving site has incredible mountain scenery. You will get the feeling of diving through canyons and superb mountain ranges. It is also famous for its amount of anemones. Species you will see red, green and purple anemones.

It is possible to experience deep diving in Ras Shaytan. There are some excellent pinnacles and beautiful coral formations. They are at depth deeper than 40 meters. In short a stunning mountain range, nice coral and marine life are vivid. After a 30 minutes drive, heading north from Nuweiba, you will reach the Bedouin camp. Over there you can access the Ras Shaitan Nuweiba diving site. A couple of palm strokes away from the shore, you will discover a maze of underwater mountains.

Further details about Ras Shaitan Nuweiba Egypt (Devil’s Head Nuweiba):

You will also discover canyons, caves and plateaus. Ras Shaitan Nuweiba diving site features an rich ecosystem of hard corals and octopus. It also features puffer fish, moon groupers and most of all anemones. Anemones are red, green and purple. You will blown away by the scenic and – more preserved landscape. The diving site only advised for experienced divers. It is due to the technical skills which needed to dive. The depth is from 12 – 40 meters.

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