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Wadi Lahami Lagoon is one of only 3 lagoons scattered along the Red Sea coast of Egypt. In fact, Wadi Lahami lagoon located to the south of the Red Sea resorts. It is about 140 kilometers south of Marsa Alam, Egypt. Moreover, the site is the Crown in the Jewels for windsurfers and kite surfers. In fact, it is due to its constant wind throughout the year. Furthermore, surfing is possible all year round over there. Yet, the best months are from October to April. The beach of the site is 2 kilometers long with glorious white sand and plenty of space. There is a small shaded terrace, a group of 16 or so Eco huts and a few chalets. Moreover, it also has a dive center and a kite surf hut.

Furthermore, Wadi Lahami Lagoon nestled between mangrove swamps. It also is a apart from one hotel a mile away. In deed, the spot is a camper’s paradise. The winds are thermals which blow from the north, north east or north northeast. In fact, all of which directions work well in the Lagoon. The winds are constant there but strong and reliable from April to September. In fact, the summer winds are constant but not strong. The Lagoon waters are turquoise and crystal clear. Moreover, there is a large shallow area around 2 x 1 km which is perfect for beginners. The water in Lahami Lagoon is flat to choppy with stronger winds. In fact, the Lagoon lies in a protected bay with a sandy bottom. It also has a small reef in the south. This whole spot is by an outer reef with a 500 m wide channel to the deeper sea.

Further details about Wadi Lahami Lagoon:

The water in the channel is flat and over 2 meters deep. 300 meters north from here, there are 2 point breaks at a reef break. It is where the water is still deep enough to surf. There is parking there with easy access to the beach. Wadi Lahami Lagoon is well set up for surfers and there is a school, a rental shop and a repair center. There are also a toilet shower facilities and a restaurant on the beach. In fact, you can stay in large tents on the waters edge or even stone huts with en suite bathrooms. This may not be the place for you if you want anything other than surfing. Indeed, it is a great place to chill and chat to friends. All will be at the end of a great day which spent in surfing in idyllic surroundings. The 20 tents are on the beach and each have an inner dimension of 3.5 x 3.5 meters.

Moreover, the tent has two single beds. There is also a small closet. The tents have light and a power point, but it is advisable to bring a flashlight. In a separate building are showers and toilets for sharing. The showers have hot and cold water and everything kept clean. The toilets emptying into septic tanks. To avoid clogging, you will be requested toilet paper and other things in the trash and do not rinse. Wadi Lahami Lagoon also houses four royal tents. In fact, they are spacious 5 x 5 meters and have more amenities. The amenities are such as a mini-fridge, fan, beanbags and a table. Moreover, they also have a sort of terrace with bamboo chairs for the tent. You can choose a double or twin beds. In a separate building are also the showers and toilets for sharing.

More details about Wadi Lahami Lagoon:

The showers also have hot and cold water and everything also kept clean. The Lagoon also houses 16 Madyafah chalets which can compared to a standard hotel room. In fact, the specific construction of them are cool without air conditioning. The chalets have a large double bed or two single beds. Besides, there is also a closet, a toilet table and fan. On both sides of the chalet, there is a terrace with bamboo chairs. Moreover, the terrace overlooks the mountains and the other with sea views. The chalets have a private bathroom which also has hot and cold water. The bathroom comprises towels. In fact, Wadi Lahami Lagoon accommodations equipped with sheets, a blanket and a pillow.

Guests should bring towels for showering and for the beach, shampoo and shower gel. They also should bring toothpaste so carried away by the guests. The accommodation in Wadi Lahami Lagoon based on an all inclusive basis. In fact, it includes three meals a day and a snack in the afternoon. Moreover, it also includes regular soft drinks such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7 up, Fanta or Sprite. Furthermore, it also includes mineral water, tea and regular coffee. In fact, the meals are simple but tasty. With a special diet or vegetarian food also taken into account, but should be advised in advance. There is and extra charge for beer. In fact, there is an additional charge for beer.

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