• St Johns Reef Egypt
  • St Johns Reef Egypt
  • St Johns Reef Egypt
  • St Johns Reef Egypt
  • St Johns Reef Egypt
  • St Johns Reef Egypt

St John’s Reef Marsa Alam Egypt tours, booking, prices

St John’s Reef is a large reef system located south of Marsa Alam, Egypt. In fact, St. John’s Reef houses some of he most spectacular underwater wildlife vistas in the Red Sea. Moreover, it is the favorite diving destination for most of Scuba divers. Furthermore, it situated 214 Kilometer south of Marsa Alam near to Sundanese borders. In fact, St John’s Reef include Habili Ali reef and the Grey Reef. Habili Ali reef houses giant Gorgonians and black corals. The Grey Reef houses silver tip sharks and Hammerhead sharks. Moreover, St John’s Reef comprises Gafaar Reef.

In fact, Gaffar Reef is a mass of soft corals. It crowded with snappers, butterfly fish and barracudas. To the north, you will find the St. John’s cave. In fact, the cave is an area where shallow cracks open up into small caverns. This site indeed is unique and you will never forget it. The shallow cracks in the reef plate open into caverns and overhangs. Fury Shoal is famous for her hard corals – do not miss Shaab Claudia, Malahi or Abu Galawa Soraya. These ancient structures are as bright as they impressive. Live aboard dive Safaris leave to St. John’s Reef from Marsa Alam.

Further details bout St John’s Reef:

In fact, the tour usually includes at least 2 days on-site. Moreover, it has dives in the morning, mid afternoon, afternoon and night as well. St John’s reef houses Bumphead parrot fish, baby white tips, barracuda and napoleons . Moreover, it also comprise whereas snapper, hawk fish, batfish and morays roam. Between dives, keep an eye on the horizon. The dolphin pods move between the reef systems on the hunt for a tasty snack. The reef itinerary is perfect for every diver, no matter what experience level. In fact, the diving is straight forward. So, you can concentrate more on the mind blowing marine life. Diving takes place both from the boat and RIB.

In fact, St John’s reef house walls, pinnacles, caves, night diving over the whole week. It indeed has dives that everyone can enjoy. Currents tend to mild and minimal. In fact, the reef life is breathtaking. Everywhere you look, there is yet another fishy spot for the log book. Yet, the pristine and healthy corrals are as much a super star in St. John’s Reef. That is why, the Southern Red Sea keeps people coming back for more year after year.

St John’s Reef diving site facts:

  • Reef Basics: Turrets and walls.
  • Depth: 5 – 40 meter.
  • Visibility: 20 – 35 meter.
  • Currents: Can be strong.
  • Surface conditions: Can be choppy.
  • Water temperature: 23 – 30°C.
  • Experience level: Intermediate – advanced.
  • Number of dive sites: 20.
  • Diving season: All year round.
  • Distance: 210 km south southeast of Marsa Alam (14 hrs).
  • Access: Live aboard.

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