• Abu Hashish Makadi Bay
  • Abu Hashish Makadi Bay
  • Abu Hashish Makadi Bay
  • Abu Hashish Makadi Bay
  • Abu Hashish Makadi Bay
  • Abu Hashish Makadi Bay

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Abu Hashish Makadi Bay (Father of Grass) located a few km off Makadi Bay’s shore. In fact, it is very shallow diving site and ideal for beginners. Abu Hashish named because of the abundance of sea grass in that particular area of the Red Sea. In fact, the reef is a combination of a slowly sloping sandy plateau. Furthermore, it is a fast dropping wall. It is along which drift dives usually performed from north to south, if the currents are strong enough.

In fact, Abu Hashish is very protected area. It is favorite spot affording gentle and popular for beginners. In fact, Boats usually moored at the northwest lagoon. There, divers have to swim through a small canyon before reaching the sandy plateau. In deed, beautiful corals hidden under the sand, uncovering their secrets delicately. Usually very small and interesting creatures nestled inside the bouquets. Puffer fish, morays, octopus, nudibranches, crabs and sea horses are regular visitors of this diving site.

Further details about Abu Hashish Makadi Bay:

Drop from the boat on a mooring, descend to a sandy bottom at 7 meters. Go through a small crack to descend further down the slope. The dive then leads between a gap in the reef wall which leads into the lagoon itself protected area. It is from the sea and winds giving comfortable diving, especially for beginners. In fact, The shallower parts of the reef are perfect for Snorkeling.


Dive Site: Abu Hashish
Location: Makadi Bay

  • Skill Level: Guided Scuba Diver.
  • Description: Wall, sandy plateau and sea-grass area.
  • Depth: Wall drops away to about 50 m (165 feet), sandy areas average about 10 m (30 feet).
  • Visibility: 10 meters (30 feet).
  • Max Depth: 15 m.
  • Latitude: 27.0112.
  • Access: Boat.
  • Distance from port: 4 km north.
  • Longitude: 33.923167.

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