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Valley of the Kings Luxor necropolis located in the west bank in Luxor, Egypt. In fact, the valley of the Kings Luxor is an area for tombs. The tombs built for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. In fact the Ancient Egypt religion based on the cult of death. It also based on the lifelong preparation for the afterlife. The valley in the West Bank necropolis is a mute testimony to this obsession. The pharaohs buried in secret tombs here and protected by the best security of the age. Few burial sites escaped the plundering of grave robbers.

The Valley of the Kings Luxor created and used from 1539 BC to 1075 BC. It contains about 60 tombs, starting with Thutmose I and ending with Ramses X or XI. The official name of the site was The Great and Majestic Necropolis of the Millions of Years of the Pharaoh. The valley also had tombs for the favorite nobles and the wives. It also had children of both the nobles and pharaohs. Around the time of Ramses I 1300 BC, they start to build the Valley of the Queens. In fact some wives still buried with their husbands at the Valley of Kings Luxor.

What to See at the Valley of the Kings Luxor:

The Valley of the Kings Luxor stands on the west bank of the Nile. In fact, it is across from modern Luxor. Moreover, it is under the peak of the pyramid-shaped mountain Al-Qurn. The valley separated into the East and West Valleys. It is with most of the important tombs in the East Valley. The West Valley has only one tomb open to the public. It is the tomb of Ay who was Tutankhamun’s successor. In fact, there are other important burials there. They include that of Amenhotep III, but these still excavated. They are not accessible for the public.

The acronym KV means “King’s Valley”. It used to name tombs which located in the Valley of the Kings Luxor. Each tomb discovered in the valley allocated a sequential “KV number”. In fact, the tombs which located in the Western Valley, known by the WV instead. It is just to aid identification. In fact, the tombs numbered in the order of modern discovery. They start from Ramses VI (KV 1) to Tutankhamun (KV 62). Some of the tombs open since antiquity and KV 5 only recently rediscovered. There is graffiti on the walls of some of the tombs. In fact, it shows that this was an attraction ancient Greek and Roman times.

Further details about the Valley of the Kings Luxor:

Most of the open tombs in the Valley of the Kings Luxor located in the East Valley. It where most tourists can found as well. In fact, the tomb KV 5 is the largest of the tombs. It built for the sons of Ramses II. Moreover, it contains at least 67 burial chambers. The most famous tomb is KV62, which belongs to King Tutankhamen. In fact, the tomb discovered by Howard Carter on November 4, 1922. It was with clearance and conservation work continuing until 1932. Tutankhamun’s tomb was the first royal tomb to discover which was still intact. In fact, it was although tomb robbers had entered it. Moreover, it was the last major discovery in the valley. The numbering of the West Valley tombs follows in sequence to that of the East Valley. In fact, There are only four which known burials / pits in the valley.

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