• Ramses V tomb Luxor
  • Ramses V tomb Luxor
  • Ramses V tomb Luxor
  • Ramses V tomb Luxor
  • Ramses V tomb Luxor
  • Ramses V tomb Luxor

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Ramses V tomb Luxor Egypt situated just behind Tutankhamun tomb in the Valley of Kings. In fact, the tomb also has Ramses VI tomb. The decoration from the entrance as far as the well-room done for Ramses V. It not known for certain whether the pharaoh, who ruled for only four years, ever buried in the tomb. In fact, Ramses V tomb Luxor completed by his successor Ramses VI. His sarcophagus fragments found in the burial chamber. The great amount of graffiti in the tomb shows that it has been open since antiquity.

In fact, the tomb has a staircase leads down to the entrance. It is where the lintel decorated with the traditional scene of Isis and Nephthys. They kneeling at either side of the sun-disc. The decoration throughout Ramses V tomb Luxor in sunk relief. Moreover, it indeed is with well-preserved painted scenes on a creamy background. Moreover, the corridors are wide and sloping, without the stairs and ramps of earlier Tombs. The left-hand side of the first corridor shows the figure of Ramses V Usermaatre. In fact, he usurped by his brother Ramses VI. It was before Re-Horakhty and Osiris, and scenes from the “Book of Gates”. Furthermore, on the right-hand side is a similar portrait of the king and scenes from the ‘Book of Caverns’. An astronomical ceiling contains scenes from the “Book of Night” and the “Book of Day”.

Further details about Ramses V tomb Luxor Egypt:

The second and third corridors painted with the “Book of Gates” and “Book of Caverns”. Moreover, it is with the addition of the “Book of the Divine Cow” (part of the “Books of the Heavens”). It is on the left wall in the third corridor. In fact, Ramses V tomb Luxor has a well-room leads to a pillared hall. Perhaps intended as a ‘false burial chamber’. This cut and decorated by Ramses VI Nebmaatre Meryamun. Moreover, the four pillars show scenes of the king offering to various deities. Furthermore, on the left-hand wall there are scenes from the ‘Book of Gates’. Moreover, on the right, there are scenes from the ‘Book of Caverns’. It is with Ramses VI before Osiris in a double scene on the lintel over the descending passage. The astronomical ceiling continues from the well-room with constellations.

A steeper descent leads to the fourth corridor. It has depictions of Nekhbet and Meretseger as serpent goddesses. It also has scenes from the ‘Amduat’ on the walls. The “Amduat” also featured in the next corridor. Ramses V tomb Luxor builders had to drop the level of the floor. It was to avoid cutting in to KV 12 above it. Moreover, it resulted in the unique feature of having a sloping floor. It combined with a horizontal ceiling. The tomb has an antechamber leads to the burial chamber of Ramses VI. On the outer lintel a mountain supports the sky and sun-disk. The walls of the antechamber illustrate scenes from the ‘Book of the Dead’. The ceiling describes the resurrection of Osiris with the king in the barques of Day and Night.

More details about Ramses V tomb Luxor Egypt:

The walls of the burial chamber show various scenes from the “Book of Gates” and the “Book of Aker”. It deals with creation and the journey of the solar disc. The first appearance of ‘Book of the Earth’ in a royal burial chamber. The king offers to the gods on each of the sides of the two pillars. A vaulted astronomical ceiling illustrated by a double image. The images are of Nut with the ‘Book of Night’ and the ‘Book of Day’ (‘Books of the Heavens’). They show the mystery of the daily regeneration of the solar disc. Moreover, Ramses V tomb Luxor features a chamber to the rear of the burial hall. It shows the “Book of Gates” with the barque of Re held aloft by Nun. Furthermore, it also shows the king with deities on the side walls.

The broken remains of a large granite outer sarcophagus of Ramses VI can seen in the burial chamber. Fragments of an inner anthropoid sarcophagus found in the tomb can seen in the British Museum. The mummies of both Ramses V and VI found with other royal mummies in the KV 35 cache in 1898.

Entrance to Ramses V tomb Luxor Egypt:

The tomb is currently open to visitors. Ticket for the Valley of Kings cost 120 Egyptian pound for three tombs. It can bought at the gate, but the tomb of Ramses VI costs an extra 50 Egyptian pound. In fact, photography inside the tombs forbidden. Moreover, it can incur heavy fines. There is a little train – Taftaf – that runs from the coach park to the entrance to the monument area. It costs 5 Egyptian pound.

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