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Take a deep breath and let yourself relax at Mercure Luxor Karnak Spa. In fact, Mercure Luxor Karnak Spa located at Mercure hotel in Luxor, Egypt. Take this opportunity for a vacation where you can leave all your stresses behind in Luxor. At the hotel, you can swim in a luxurious outdoor heated pool. The outdoor heated pool surrounded by a row of magnificent palm trees. They sway to the cool Luxor summer breeze. This is what you might experience. It will be during your wellness holiday at the hotel. In fact, the spa also features housing Jacuzzi, a sauna and a fitness room. The highly trained professionals on-site dedicated to your well being.

You will indeed feel transformed. It will be after spending a few minutes under the magical hands of these people. Mercure hotel indeed is the right choice for luxurious accommodation. In fact, the area of the hotel is so popular. It has a huge escalation of guests who make it their ultimate spot to unwind. Pack your bags and start your stress-free vacation at Mercure Luxor Karnak spa. Make sure to take your time once you check in. You will start your vacation, so take some time relaxing in your accommodations. This luxury resort located by the Nile and is 12 km away from Luxor airport. It offers an elegant accommodation with a Moorish style and overlooks the surrounding gardens.

Further details about Mercure Luxor Karnak Spa:

Mercure Luxor Karnak has a large pool, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim under the hot desert sun. There is also a children’s splash pool and slide. You can savor a wide selection of fine cuisines at one of the hotel’s 8 restaurants and bars. The hotel also features a heated swimming pool overlooking the Nile. You can have a workout and relax in the sauna. Moreover, you can also enjoy a rejuvenating massage in the hands of professional staff. Tennis, squash courts and a kids club also available.

You can spend the day enjoying a massage, decompressing within the steam room. Furthermore, you also can take it easy by the pool. After spa time, you can put on your explorer’s hat and begin to uncover the hidden gems of Luxor. Discover new restaurants, curio shops or a beautiful park. It can be one of the many highlights of your holiday. If you’re not sure where to begin, speak with your hotel’s concierge attendant. He will let you get a sense for what Luxor has to offer. There is no better source than a local to point you to an exciting evening out. Go to a cafe to sip a few cocktails at and relax. Wherever you end up, just make sure to hang loose. Your spa holiday should be nothing but exceptionally relaxing.

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Tel:(+2095) 2378020, (+2095) 2378021

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