• Amenhotep II tomb Luxor
  • Amenhotep II tomb Luxor
  • Amenhotep II tomb Luxor
  • Amenhotep II tomb Luxor
  • Amenhotep II tomb Luxor

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Amenhotep II tomb Luxor KV 35 (Dynasty XVIII) discovered in 1898 by Victor Loret. It is similar in plan to that of his predecessor Thutmose III. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful tombs in the Valley. The discovery was rather spectacular. It is because the tomb contained the burial of the king and his son Webensenu. Amenhotep II tomb in Luxor is a large tomb with complex architecture. It is similar in many respects to the tomb of Thutmose III. Like other tombs in the valley, there are two sets of stairways. There are also two corridors before the ritual shaft.

New for this tomb are decorations. They depict the king performing ritual acts before Osiris, Anubis and Hathor. From the ritual shaft, Amenhotep II tomb  takes a 90 degree turn into the two pillared vestibule. Wide flight of stairs leads out of the vestibule into a third corridor. And then, it leads into a large, six pillared room. This room has images of the king in the presence of various deities.

Further details about Amenhotep II tomb Luxor KV 35:

At the back (south) of the six pillared room beyond the last set of pillars is the burial chamber. The burial chamber contains the kings red quartzite sarcophagus. Until 1928, the tomb had the mummy of the king. The mummy transferred to the Cairo Museum at that time. It was one of the surprises in this tomb which was not like other tombs in the valley. Amenhotep II’s mummy found intact. It was with a garland of mimosa flowers at his neck. Though the coffin he laid in was perhaps a replacement. Tomb robbers would search the mummies for gold amulets and other valuable objects. But for some reason they ignored the mummy of this king.

Amenhotep II tomb has one annex to either side of the six pillared room. It also has two more annexes, one one each side of the burial chamber. The burial chamber includes the complete text of the Book of Amduat. It including the corresponding illustrations. The whole text laid out as though on a huge papyrus. This text, in simple paint (no reliefs), is in cursive hieroglyphs. On the ceiling of the tomb is the familiar pattern of gold stars. It is on a dark blue background.

More details about Amenhotep II tomb in Luxor KV 35:

The the western lateral annex of the tomb enclosed by a stone wall. At it, Victor found his second surprise. He found the sarcophagi and mummies of nine other royal burials. It is besides his son, Webensenu, and probably his mother, Hatshepsut-Meryetre. These included Thutmose IV, Amenophis III and Merneptah. They also included Sethos II, Siptah, Setenakhte, Ramses IV, Ramses V and Ramses VI. In all, he found remains of 17 royal burials in the cache. This cache likewise note violated. Hence, Victor’s discovery of this tomb ranks high in the annuls of Egyptology.

Entrance to Amenhotep II tomb:

The tomb is currently open to visitors. Tickets can bought from the main West Bank ticket office. In fact, it is besides the ticket office at the entrance to the Valley of Kings.

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