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Luxor Shopping represented by Fair Trade Center which located near the Emilio Hotel on Karnak Street. In fact, from the outside, Fair Trade Center looks as if it is just another gift and souvenir shop. However, when one enters the shop it becomes clear that it is quite different. That is because the Fair Trade Center is not an ordinary shop. Every product is a story of a poor family earning money from selling their products. They sell their products Fair Trade Center and similar organizations. The organization collects their products from a lot of places around Egypt. The girls working in the Fair Trade Center well educated. Moreover, they have the skills and the language to deal with tourists. They deal with them in a friendly and professional manner.

Fair Trade Center indeed a non profit project aimed. It aims to support people among the poorest of the population. In fact, it does by marketing their handicraft products and guarantees them a fair price. The project is a social project of a local company. It run by young women from Luxor. Fair Trade Center offers high quality products at fair prices. It also offers information about the producers. The Village of Naqada lies on the West Bank of the Nile close to Qena. It was a center for weaving for many centuries. The “Ferka”, a long-length scarf, woven in fine designs and colors. It is the main specialty of the Naqada weavers. In the past it worn by Sudanese women on three major occasions. The three major occasions are marriage, child birth, and male circumcision.

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“Ferka” woven with a cotton and silk blend of yarn. In the last fifty years, artificial fibers introduced into the blend. It was to increase the brightness of the fabric. In fact, the weaving work still done at home. It uses simple hand-looms of a type that have been in use since Pharaonic times. The cessation of the trade with Sudan, the ups and downs of tourism left many weavers without jobs. Most of them are illiterate and landless. Church workers in the area help them to ease their situation by bringing their products to Cairo. Nowadays, the women of Naqada weave other products also. In fact, they weave scarves from the best cotton, based on the old designs.

Fair Trade Center helps these working women in marketing their products. Moreover, it also increases their profits by selling their products to tourists in the store. The scarves they produce are a mixture of cotton, silk and fabrics with colorful designs. Furthermore, they suit women and some of them suit men as well. There are many designs and sizes of the scarves and every item is a piece of art. Their prices range from about 45 to 80 Egyptian pounds. It is according to the size and the material, which produced to be easy on the skin.

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In fact, Fansina means Sinai arts. It is a Bedouin owned business. In fact, it produces and markets Bedouin crafts. Moreover, it established as an income generating initiative for the local craftspeople in the South Sinai. It seeks to promote and sustain the Sinai Bedouin culture’s heritage. Moreover, it operates on principles of fair trade. To emphasize the beauty of their products, Fansina chosen Mona Lisa symbol attired with Bedouin crafts products. Fansina operates the Bedouin house in St. Catherine in the South Sinai. It is where they offer their products for sale. The project is by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and The European Union.

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