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Shadwan Island Hurghada is the largest atoll of the strait of Gubal. In fact, it also called Shaker Island. At the northeastern side of the island, you’ll find an amazing almost vertical coral wall. It drops to more than 40 meters. The current is usually mild and runs from south to north. In fact, the divers go along with the current to explore the wall on a drift dive. Moreover, the reef is teeming with snappers and Anthias. Furthermore, the bigger and far more interesting species are also regular visitors of the site. Divers often encountered the presence white-tip reef sharks and grey reef sharks. Moreover, they also encounter hawksbill turtles and most of all great pods of dolphins.

Shadwan Island Hurghada facts:

  • Depth: 6-40 m.
  • Visibility: 30 m.

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