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Silica Glass field located in the Gilf El Kebir, Western desert, Egypt. In fact, it is near to the Libyan edge of the Great Sand Sea. Indeed, Silica Glass field Gilf El Kebir is one of the great mysteries of the region. In fact, site has Natural green silica glass. You can find them between the dunes. Pieces vary in color, clarity and size. The site indeed is an astonishing geological wonder. In fact, it houses the amazing pieces of yellow-green color which discovered in it. The exact origin of this tektite material still unknown. In fact, the scientists speculate is a result of the impact of a meteor. The meteor taken place centuries ago and caused sand to fuse due to the intense heat.

However till this day no crater proved this theory. The glass worn with wind and has a polished feel. In fact, it used by the pharaohs in making jewelry. When you visit the Silica Glass Field in the Western Desert, you will have a great temptation. In fact, it is to take some of the shiny pieces of desert with you. The site rediscovered in the 1840. In fact, this glass of this site known to the ancient Egyptians. In 1998, a member of an Italian team investigated the origins of the glass. Moreover, he also examined Tutankhamen‘s jewelry. The boy King left a green scarab which dominated his pectoral. In fact, it made from a piece of the site.

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Actually, the glass known about –and valued- in antiquity. But in fact, this does not shed any light on the origins of the glass. Extreme heat needed to form this glass. So, it gives rise to many theories about forming it. Maybe, there was a volcanic activity. There is also a possibility that an extraterrestrial body crashed into the earth. There is a suspected meteorite crater 150 km away from Silica Glass Field site. However, there is no glass at the actual crater site. In fact, the source of the glass remains a mystery till nowadays. The site accessible through safaris and tours of the Great Sand Sea.

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