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Shaw’s Cave located in the Gilf El Kebir in the Western Desert, Egypt. In fact, Shaw’s Cave also known as Magharet el Kantara. Moreover, the cave is easy to reach from Dakhla Oasis. Furthermore, Shaw is the much broken southern part of the Gilf El Kebir plateau. In fact, it discovered during the 1935 expedition which led by W.B.K. The expedition also discovered two broad Valleys, the Wadi Wassa and the Wadi Firaq. These wadis later used as a short cut during World War II. Rupert Harding Newman was a member of this expedition. He discovered a series of rock paintings in a small rock overhang. In fact, they are on the col separating the two wadis, almost on level with the top of the plateau.

Further details about Shaw’s Cave Gilf El Kebir:

The overhang in Shaw’s Cave forms a low shelter. Moreover, the paintings in the cave depicts cattle and a homestead scene. In fact, they located about 40-50 cm above the ground. Furthermore, they are in an almost continuous line along the rear of the shelter. The discovery published by Shaw in Antiquity in June 1936. It was under the name of “Rock Paintings in the Libyan Desert”. Moreover, Shaw published one photo and a few drawings. In fact, the complete site published by Giancarlo Negro and Yves Gauthier in Sahara 9 in 1997. Till this day, this is the only rock art site in the South-eastern of the Gilf El Kebir in Egypt.

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