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Regenfeld Gilf El Kebir was a storage place of the Rohlfsschen expedition in Dakhla Oasis, Egypt. Moreover, the site is an archaeological site located in Gilf Kebir, Egypt. If you reached one day this area, you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit Regenfeld. In fact, the site features a flat topped plateau. The plateau crosses several deep Valleys and towering dunes.

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Moreover, Regenfeld is the site where rainfall saved the life of Gerhard Rohlfs. It was during his exploration of the desert in 1874. Over there, you can still find the cairn Rohlfs which used to mark the area. Furthermore, there’s also a marble tablet which set up since 1933. In fact, it set up by Almasy. He was a Hungarian explorer. In fact, he depicted in The English Patient, in honor of the Egyptian explorer, Prince Kamal el Din. Finally, Regengeld is an Arabic word means Rain Filed.

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