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Gilf El Kebir National Park is about 7770 square kilometer. The park located in the southeast corner of Western Desert, Egypt. In fact, the park is a sandstone plateau in New Valley Governor-ate. The park features rocky surface slopes which covered by sand. It is because the Great San Sea to the north encroaches on the plateau. Moreover, the area is arid and supports wild sheep which known as the Weedan. Furthermore, the National Park also comprises small birds such as the ubiquitous White-crowned Black Wheat-ear.

The area also features ancient rock art attests to a radically different environment in prehistoric times. In fact, it depicts many pictures of several types of big cattle. The park lies in the heart of the eastern part of the vast Sahara Desert. That is why it gets some of the most extreme climates on Earth. Moreover, it is the driest places on the planet. Furthermore, the area is totally rain-less. In fact, the annual average rainfall amount hardly reaches 0.1 mm. Additionally, the geological aridity index/dryness ratio is over 200.

Further details about Gilf El Kebir National Park:

The solar energy received at the ground evaporate 200 times the amount of precipitation received. In fact, rainfall may fall every twenty years in the National Park. The Name of the area given to the plateau by Prince Kamal El Dine Hussein in 1925. Actually, it hand no local name. Moreover, The park is famous for its rugged beauty, remoteness and geological interest. It also famous for its dramatic cliff paintings-pictographs and rock carvings-petroglyphs. In fact, they an earlier era of abundant animal life and human habitation.

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