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Qasr El Sagha Fayoum Egypt located 100 km south of Cairo and 25 km from the main road. In fact, it is 30 km away from Kom Ushim. Qasr El Sagha is is above the north side of Qaroun Lake. The temple discovered in 1884. El Sagha temple built from limestone blocks of different sizes. In fact, it includes 7 recesses and many other chambers. The site stands on a level platform to protect it from the water of Qarun Lake.

In fact, the archaeologists had a disagreement about the date of the temple. Later on, they all agreed that the structure built no later than the Middle Kingdom. In fact, it seen from its plan. This temple neither completed nor decorated. The seven chambers which found inside the temple completely closed without entrances. El Sagha temple also includes shrines, an offering hall, and a blind room.

Further details about Qasr El Sagha Fayoum Egypt:

The site of El Sagha reached via a track from Kom Ushim (Karanis). A 4×4 vehicle and a guide recommended to visit this site. In remote antiquity a forest grew on the escarpment north of the site. Thought that Lake Qarun once extended its northern shore close to the temple. It was in the days when the lake was much larger. The site rests on a level platform on the side of the escarpment. On the flat plain to the south of El Sagha there are several sites of prehistoric villages. In fact, the inhabitants existed by hunting, farming and Fishing.

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