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Fayoum waterwheels become a prominent symbol of the town and the oasis. In fact, Fayoum waterwheels are more than 200 one and widespread in Fayoum city. The city located 140 kilometer south of Cairo. In fact, the waterwheel is a manual machine. It converts the energy of free flowing or falling water into useful forms of power, often in a watermill. The waterwheel consists of a large wooden or metal wheel with many of blades or buckets. They arranged on the outside rim and form the driving surface.

In fact, the Greeks were the one who invented the waterwheel. The first depictions of them can seen in Ptolemaic Egyptian sources. So, since Pharaonic times these devices kept the town well irrigated. It was despite of its irregular topography of rolling hills and steep depressions. In fact, the waterwheels mounted vertically on a horizontal axle. Moreover, the tub or Norse wheel mounted horizontally on a vertical shaft. Vertical wheels can power either through the axle or via a ring gear. Besides, they drive belts or gears and horizontal wheels usually directly drive their load.

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In fact, Fayoum has a great number of waterwheels. It really was an important addition to Fayoum’s economy in the 3rd century BC. Fayoum waterwheels let the stream of the river to lift water up to certain level. Hence, the people could transport into the fields for irrigation. Fayoum waterwheels can seen in two best places in Fayoum, Egypt. The first one is the city of Fayoum which has 4 waterwheels which stand next to another. In fact, they are the largest and located behind the tourist office on the main Gomhouria St. The second place located about 3 km north of town along Bahr Sinnuris. In fact, they are a cluster of 7 waterwheels.

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