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Qasr Al Farafra located at Farafra oasis in the Western Desert, Egypt. In fact, Qasr Al Farafra is where the old city of Farafra Oasis located within the fortress. Al what you can see there are just the ruins of the fortress. In fact, the ruins still deserve to make an interesting walk. You can walk within the ruins and try to imagine how the generations of peoples used this as a shelter. In fact, they also used it as a protection from external aggression. There is a small hill inside the fortress which you can climb. Moreover, from there you will see the view of the old houses and the new red brick houses as well. Furthermore, you will be also able to watch the greenery and the desert.

If you visit Qasr Al Farafra on a Thursday morning, you can catch the market there. In fact, it is where locals sell fruits, vegetables and other products. The Farafroni women usually handle the market. If you want to trace back the glory of the Roman civilization, then visit this unique castle. Most of the Roman ruins centered around this castle. It stands today as the capital town of the oasis. In fact, it was the only village in ancient times. Moreover, the fortress located on the northern side of the town. In fact, it dominated the top of a ridge overlooking the surrounding desert. It built on the site of an original Roman structure and constructed from stone and mud brick.

Further details about Qasr Al Farafra:

The present fortress enlarged or rebuilt during medieval times. In fact, it was after contained at least 125 rooms. Furthermore, there is also an ancient cemetery near Qasr Al Farafra. In fact, it is where a few non decorated rock-cut tombs completely buried by sand. Other rock tombs can seen in areas nearby. Some of them used as dwellings by early Christian hermits. In fact, the hermits are the ones who scratched and painted their crosses on the walls.

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